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Life of a Soon To Be College Grad Series: Meet Clare

Posted on the 20 September 2011 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Today we start a new series that I am very excited about!  We will be following a college student as she navigates the final years of college and the professional world. Every quarter you will get an update from our “Soon To Be College Grad” about her career  preparation and job search process.  Hopefully, this will also help you see what resources are available and what other college students and new grads are doing as they head out into the real world. If you have any other advice of what you are doing to prepare for after graduation, please share in the comments!  I am excited to hear your thoughts!

Now, a big warm welcome to our soon to be college grad…..Clare from Twirling Clare.

Life of a Soon To Be College Grad Series: Meet Clare

1) Give us a little background on yourself.  School, major, etc.

I am a Junior at Ohio Wesleyan University, a small liberal arts school, in Delaware, OH outside of Columbus. I am from Cincinnati, OH and have three younger brothers. I am a double major in Politics and Government and English with a Literature concentration. I am also trying to have a Theatre minor as well! I am very involved at school as Vice President of the Spirit and Homecoming Organization, Co-Chair of President’s Ball, Legacy Intern for Heritage Day, and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. This past summer I interned for Congresswoman Jean Schmidt in her District Office and worked at a women’s apparel boutique, Alligator Purse. Both were such great learning experiences and I loved both jobs.

2) What is your dream job or goal after graduation?

I am still not 100% on what I want to do with career paths…but am doing as much as I can, taking different avenues to make sure that I am able to figure out what works best for me! Currently, I am interested in Public Relations and Communications. Neither degree is offered at my school, but I chose majors as ones that will work with a PR and Communications career, but are also conducive to many paths I might be interested in.

In addition to PR and English, I also have a creative interest. This is both in an event planning realm, a fashion realm, and different arts and crafts realm. I foster such ideas with the event and social planning aspects that I am involved in with my extra curricular activities at school and my blog, Twirling Clare. My dream job would be a profession in a creative realm. My favorite brand is Kate Spade and I am inspired every day by their company and the creativity and inspiration that they find. I would love to work for their company or be involved in a similar type of environment.

3) What are you planning to do this upcoming year that will help you get that dream job?

In order to achieve such a career path, I will continue to work on my blog…hoping to grow it more and more. I keep an inspiration collection which includes: a little thoughts book, scrapbooks of style inspirations, and an archive of pictures. I will continue to work on my resume and cover letter and probably meet with our Career Office for the first time and just see how I am in the large scheme of things…hopefully on target!

You can also read more about Clare’s soon to be college grad experiences on Twitter @twirlingclare.  Thanks Clare!  Can’t wait to hear more!

How are you preparing for college graduation?

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