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Liebster Blogger Award- Q/A from April of ‘Of Dolls’

By Ashley Brooke, Kewpie83 @KewpieDoll83

I was awarded the Liebster Blogger Award from April, blogger for ‘Of Dolls‘!  The award rules are simple.  I answer 11 questions thought up by April, write my own 11 questions and then award up to 11 bloggers the Liebster Blogger Award.  Their job?  To answer MY 11 questions!

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

Below are the questions April asked!

Question: Which doll in your collection have you owned the longest?
Answer: Stitches.  He’s a stuffed bear that was in my crib upon my arrival home from the hospital.



Question: Do you have a specific style/type of doll that you enjoy collecting most?
Answer: Skipper, Barbie’s Little Sister, of course!

Skipper, Barbie's Little Sister

Skipper, Barbie’s Little Sister

Question: If you could have any doll ever made, cost not an option, what would it be?

Answer: Oh my goodness.  This is a hard question!!!!  Any doll?  There are SO many dream dolls.  Do I choose a complete set of baby Dionne Quints from Madame Alexander? Or a pristine vintage Patti Playpal?  A number one Barbie?  Seriously, this is a HARD question!

Hard Plastic Dionne Quints

Hard Plastic Dionne Quints (Photo Credit)

Question: What is your favorite doll or toy that you have ever had?
Answer: Victoria. She was given to me when my brother was born.  My mom has the same doll and my cousins are given one when their siblings were born.


Madame Alexander Victoria

Question: Your favorite TV show (doesn’t have to be currently on)?
Answer:  Once Upon a Time!  I’m addicted to that show.  If you haven’t seen Once Upon a Time, Netflix it now!  It’s amazing!!!!  Doctor Who is equally fantastic, though I’m not 100% on board with Moffat’s style.

Once Upon a Time = Awesome TV

Once Upon a Time = Awesome TV

Question: What are your hobbies, outside of dolls?
Answer: Does watching TV count?  I have started writing fiction again (ie: scripts). That’s a lot of fun!  I read a lot, too.

Question: Where would you love to visit for your next vacation?
Answer: Wales, Ireland and Scotland.  I would LOVE to see those places within the next year or so.  Ever since I read The Dark is Rising, I’ve been dying to go to Wales.  (And of course, then Doctor Who came into my life and I wanted to go even more!)  I wouldn’t mind finding a man in Scotland or Ireland, either!  Maybe one like Colin O’Donoghue (also known as Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time)?

Question: Do you speak any languages besides English?
Answer: I wish.  I feel like I should understand Japanese or Korean, since I’ve watched a ton of anime and korean drama’s in my life.  Unfortunately, though, I have a horrible ear for language learning.

Question: What is your favorite food?

Answer: Pierogies!  Yum!



Question: Who would you want to play you in a movie about you?
Answer:  I’d want to play myself!  :)  If I could reverse this question, I have been told on multiple occasions I could play a young Sandra Bullock.
Question: Who is your favorite author?
Answer:  I don’t have a favorite author so much as favorite books.  My favorite book is “The Grey King” by Susan Cooper.  It’s a huge reason why I want to go to Wales (besides Doctor Who).  My other favorites include: “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer, “Immortal Beloved” by Cate Tiernan, “Keeper of the Lost Cities” by Shannon Messanger and “A Certain Slant of Light” by Laura Whitcomb.

The Grey King

The Grey King

So there you have it!  Thank you, April, for thinking of this little blog while filling out your questions!!!  Now to pick a few questions of my own.  First, the blogs.  I’d like to pass this onto:

Barbie Beauties

Once Upon a Doll Collection

Dolly Panic

Red Riding Hood

Never Grow Up

Of course, don’t forget to check out ‘Of Dolls‘, as they are the reason I’m writing this post!  (Honestly, I’m always so honored when people think of this little blog for these things!!!)

Now, to the five blogs mentioned above, here are the questions you should answer in your post.  Some are borrowed from April!

1- What’s one doll you didn’t get during your childhood that you loved enough to buy as an adult or are actively trying to buy currently?  (My answer: My Pet Monster WITH chains, still looking!)

2- If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be? (My Answer: Siena, Italy!)

3- Do you collect in box or out of box? (My answer: Out of box!)

4- What is your favorite TV program?  (See above!)

5- How long do you usually wait before buying a doll?  (ie: Do you jump on it the moment you see it or do you wait?) (My answer: It depends on the doll.  If it’s cheap, I jump.  If it’s expensive, I wait!)

6- What’s your favorite color? (My answer: Purple!)

7- What is the ideal doll collection to you? (My answer: My ideal doll collection is something displayed neatly in lots of glass cases! Very unlike my collections current state!)

8- Who is your celebrity look a like? (My answer: Sandra Bullock, apparently!)

9- What’s your opinion of ‘Reborns’?  (My answer: I think many of them are cute, though some are a little too realistic for my taste. I adore the Monkey’s!)

10- What’s your favorite book?  (My answer: See above.)

11-What is the biggest misconception about the doll collecting hobby? (My answer: That we’ve never ‘grown up’.  Who says you can’t be a grown up and still have dolls?!)

So, those I linked to this post, answer the questions and post the link here in the comment area!  Of course, I invite everyone to comment and answer whatever questions you’d like in the comment area, too!

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