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Lie Sang Bong Fashion Show : Behind the Scene

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Today I want to introduce you to the certainly most famous korean fashion designer abroad : Lie Sang Bong. But I didn't want to do it showing you a video of his last fashion show like I did for other designers before. This time I decided to introduce Lie Sang Bong to you  through Montble film  and their clever behind the scene video.

This video is short 2'20 but it was enough for me to be swept away and yearning to be present at Mr. Lie Sang Bong fashion show one day.First I will let you watch it and then tell you why I appreciate so much.              
2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week "Lie Sang Bong" making film by montble film 몽블필름 from MONTBLE film on Vimeo.

Here is the comment I left on Facebook to Montble film after watching this video :

"I really appreciate the fluorescent hats and clothes. the show starts in a very scenic, theatrical way, it is just beautiful. The music of the video is so cinematographic. I would like to be able to assist one of Mr. Lie Sang Bong show one day in my life just to feel how it is. I also appreciate seeing traits of traditional Korea in his collections. Really I love his work."

And guess what ? After watching the entire show it actually didn't start like I saw on the behind the scene video. Montble film chose to highlight the gowns that in reality appear at the end of the catwalk. But I suppose that, that choice is deliberate because the gowns are matched with some spectacular fluorescent hats. I also believe that the choice of starting the video in B&W was also a way to accentuate even more this fluorescent effect and make the video more dramatic. I can't help but think that like in photography when using B&W for a video you want the  viewer to concentrate on details.
My point here is not to tell you about how much I love Lie Sang Bong collection but to show you that what makes you come to love a fashion designer are these kind of videos more than the actual fashion shows because it is an other vision of the collection which is not the one of the fashion designer. And eventhough the designer clothes' are the main subject, what we have in front of us is the vision of the videographer. I just like seeing how it is reinterpreted, because according to me behind the scene videos are actually about reinterpretation.To know more about Mr. Lie Sang Bong I invite you to read this very interesting interview by Karen Lee, the blogger behind TOMI:MITO, here.And if you really have nothing to do why not watch the entire Lie Sang Bong show on Vimeo ?

Do the behind the scene videos of fashions shows make you see a collection and its fashion designer in a different eye ?

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