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Liberal Federal Judge Who Outlawed Racial Profiling Now a Victim of Black Mob Violence

Posted on the 10 December 2015 by Adask

Super-rich, super-liberal, super-political-campaign-contributor attorney gets his wife appointed as Federal Judge.   She is also liberal and, after being appointed Federal Judge, rules for blacks in a racial profiling case.

Later, three blacks invade the home of the liberal Federal Judge and her liberal attorney husband.

Can you say “karma” boys and girls?

How ’bout “What goes around, comes around.”

One other point:  Can you imagine how dumb you’ve got to be to invade the home of a Federal Judge?  The three blacks who committed this crime will probably get at least 5 years in the slammer.  That should be almost enough for them to get their GEDs.

Video      00:08:27

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