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Let’s Chat – The Blog and Travel Announcements [VLOG]

By Littlebckpacker @littlebckpacker

So The Little Backpacker is going to become a bit of a series based blog for the next month or two. I’ve got to knuckle down with university work and actually apply myself to the homework tasks and essay writing, instead of procrastinating. One of the best ways of doing that is to cut out all of the time I spend coming up with new ideas for the blog, trust me I get lost in new ideas a lot and then get carried away. I am very good at applying myself to something when I am driven so unfortunately for the next two months I need to take that drive away from the blog and get it behind my uni work.

There will still be new posts each week but you are going to see plenty of series of posts going up, instead of my normal, almost random mash of posts. One of those new series of posts is called LET’S CHAT, it is a VLOG series which is taking over from the London/Student Life VLOGS I was doing late last year. I will be taking university and London but also travelling, blogging and basically anything which takes my fancy to discuss. I am going to suggest they will be every other week but don’t hate me if they only end up being every month. I feel it’s only worth doing if I actually have something to discuss.

So this is the instalment of LET’S CHAT, listen along to find out where I will be traveling in May and June.

Did you enjoy this VLOG? Have you visited either of these places, do you have any tips for us? 

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