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Lesson 434 – the Importance of Tribute

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

What does one do with 70 jack-o-lanterns once Halloween is over?

Why they bring them to our house so that our chickens can play and nibble on them to their hearts’ content.

A friend of ours, as a tribute to her deceased mom’s 70th birthday, carved 70 pumpkins and had them lit on the front lawn for Halloween. That’s a terrific and creative way to acknowledge an important person and life event, in fact it sounds like something I might have done (note to self – tuck this idea away for a future celebration.)

There’s just one problem with having 70 jack-o-lanterns on your lawn on Halloween.

And it’s that the day after Halloween, you have 70 jack-o-lanterns on your lawn.

Not to worry, that’s where our chickens come into the story. We agreed to take as many of the pumpkins as would fit in her car and so on Saturday afternoon, my friend came over with dozens and dozens of carved pumpkins (including one very cool albino pumpkin.)

My kids and I carted all that hallowed out squash to the corner of the dog yard and there they will rest, feeding our chickens (and rabbit) this fall and providing a nice slushy, bug infested mush next spring. Yum.

My friend wrote that “my dad (and the rest of us) are sooo happy that they are going to make some other lovely little creatures happy…. in a very melancholy way keeping the circle of life spinning round. May all the little chickens enjoy! Smile flock…. you made a very sad man smile again.”

And Laura, you made this mama hen happy that her little chicks got to see the beauty and importance of tribute.

Lesson 434 – the importance of tribute

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