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Lesson 1567- Life Lessons I Want My Kids to Know

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

My kids are getting older and are starting to ask questions like – how did you know Dad was the one?

Well, when Marc and I went on our first official date (he thinks a meeting for drinks after work was the first date but it wasn’t, it was simply a meeting after work – our first date was in Boston.) We spent the entire day together walking around Boston, eating dim sum in China town, and talking.

And talking.

And talking.

By the time we got home late in the evening, we just *knew* that we’d be spending a lot of time together.

A lot.

But something that elusive is not really helpful to my kids in their quest for finding “the right person.”

So instead of that experience, here’s how else I knew that Marc was the one for me.

When we shared a bag of chips, he went for these – his favorite kind.

Lesson 1567- Life lessons I want my kids to know

And I went for these – my favorite kind.

Lesson 1567- Life lessons I want my kids to know

A perfect match, no?

So my advice to my kids if they start getting serious with someone is to share a bag of chips.

And then take it from there.

Lesson Learned – When it’s time to decide if someone is the *right* person, pay attention to the little details of compatibility.


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