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Lesson 1419 – Loud Noises and a Frightened Little Pup

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

This post has nothing to do with chickens, Lyme disease, my upcoming border-to-border New Hampshire walk, or even my kids.

It’s all about a small, frightened little dog.

And it’s also about asking for help.

This is Dalai (formally Dolly – she’s a Tibetan Spaniel so we renamed her Dalai-puppy – (get it?) – bonus points we still get to say “Well, Hello Dalai!”) We inherited her when my mother passed.

Sure she sneezes a lot, but she's as cute as a button.

Sure she sneezes a lot, but she’s as cute as a button.

Dalai is a charming, intelligent little pup, smart as a whip that one. The only trouble my mother ever had with her (puppy teething aside) was once in Virginia when a plow truck came by their house and the noise so frightened Dalai that she got spooked and ran. It took some time but she was finally found and returned to my parents. Dolly has spent the last few years living in a (very) quiet apartment and has had no issues.

I knew that loud noises bothered her and I thought I was prepared, but clearly I had no idea.

Dalai barely made it through the Fourth of July – which is in our neck of the woods is celebrated with fireworks starting on the 1st and continuing to the 10th – I kid you not – Live Free or Die. Although she had a Thunder Shirt, her hair had grown out and it seemed incredibly lightweight, I didn’t use it. Thinking though that weight was a good idea, I placed her near my lap and covered her with a folded blanket. But she was still spooked and very uncomfortable.

I double checked that all doors were closed.

And then I held a trembling little dog for hours.

We made it through the 4th, but then came the thunder storms. We’ve recently had some whoppers and I think this small dog may end up having a nervous breakdown.

So I’m asking you, my readers. Do any of you have dogs that are COMPLETELY spooked by loud noises?

Any tips on helping dogs get through events like fireworks and thunder storms?

And if Dalai is truly afraid of plows, we, who live in the great snow state of New Hampshire, might be having a very loooong winter.


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