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Les Tantes Jeanne in the 18th: I'm Still Not Sure How to Rate This Place.

By Johntalbott

Apr 27 001

Apr 27 002

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Apr 27 006

4-5.5 (I'm still deciding) Les Tantes Jeanne, 42, rue de Veron in the 18th,, (Metro: Abesses) has in it's favor that it's open for Sunday lunch, has a lotta great looking meat (the cotes de boeuf was awesome) and one gets 20% off by reserving thru La Fourchette - but, but, but...

Apr 27 012

Apr 27 013

While 2 of the 4 of us liked their eggs with truffle sauce, all four of us found the scallop tartare with caprices persanne (supposedly dried small capers marinated in lime sauce turning them somehow bright red and overpoweringly over-the-top) not to our taste - and mind you they had placed second in "Concours des Chefs 2014" - Yikes!  Thus turned the meal.

Apr 27 014

Apr 27 015

Apr 27 016

Then we ordered a Iberic pork chop, magret de canard (no cooking specified), gigot of spring lamb (a point) and calf's liver (blue) and no one was really wowed - I thought my foie de veau (unpictured) was perfectly cooked but the rest were over-done and uninteresting.

Apr 27 017

Apr 27 018

Apr 27 019

Desserts: Now here's where things get weird: Madame the visiting chef from Sacramento's cafe gourmand was kinda bland, M. JJ's religiuse, which he had explained was going to be great - was not, and my souffle which I could have had with old prune but was persuaded to have with wormwood liqueur, was sans alcool.  A bummer all around.

Apr 27 011

A word about the wines - they were terrific - some Chardonnay from the pays D'Oc for the MasterChef and a nice Corbieres for M. JJ et moi.

Our bill, after the 20% discount, and one additional coffee, was 177.68 E, thus 88.84 E a couple.

Go?  Maybe for the Cotes de Boeuf and red wine but that's it.


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