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Legalising the Soul's Anchor Point in a Steampunk Brain

Posted on the 03 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

legalising the soul's anchor point in a steampunk brain

steampunk brain by monster kookies

I know you'all like the idea that 'somewhere within the human brain' there's an 'anchor point' for something called a 'soul'.
But I'm not (currently (entirely)) convinced.
Well, a BRAIN can't analyze what it is.
And why is this important, Mike?
Well, think about it. In fact, the concept that you can THINK ABOUT IT is in itself what sets you apart from your brain.
When we 'think about a soul' we're trying to 'calculate' (using a neural net that's been tribally generated to live in a prison society) whether 'something invented to keep us under the Corporate Kosh, i.e. a soul is connected to mankind somehow.
Actually, this blogpost isn't even about the soul - you may have one, I may have one, or not...
I distracted myself right away, and sorta apologize for diverting your attention from your usual prejudices and indoctrination.
And so do you, and here's why...  your brain cannot back-engineer itself. It can not KNOW WHAT IT IS, it's an intermediary mechanism (a vague translation device, nothing more) between what you need to be and what you've become.
You're NEVER going to be able to 'use the brain' to discover what 'you' are because?  Because, for example, the intimate relationship between you and your brain might have nothing to do with YOU at all. You might not EXIST at all. You might only (by the function of your split brain machine) be the PRODUCT of some other male-female yin-yang positive-negative red-blue extra-dimensional entity or entities or shared-experiential event that may (or may not be) time constrained.
Don't you wonder why the sensory map of your body appears to SPLIT across two hemispheres of your brain ... you know, right eye input goes to left side of brain, etc. There appears to be TWO of everything in the human equation. Yeah, via 'symmetry', well near-symmetry, but split across two halves of the skull-peach. Separated by a membrane. Kept separate. As if by organic prison-guards. Even parts of my so-called experiential matrix is cordoned off by this cerebral segregation. We say this is 'just an electromagnetic membrane' but is it really?  Can you be sure that this 'membrane' has only physical dimensions?
What if it had MULTI-DIMENSIONAL dimensions?
What if TWO PEOPLE, somewhere in the universe, or a shared combination of two people at a time, were using this MACHINE to experience half-life (lol) through you?
What if your life is BEING USED, like a car can be used by different people but retain its car-ness - I mean being used doesn't alter its identity, it only alters its 'expected behaviours'. The Human Brain appears to be (to me) more about a SHARED RIDE for things 'that aren't us'. We're not the reason why our brain is what it is. We are just the mechanics of the connection. We do the right thing by our brain, we'll be driven by better people. We keep it clean, we get better drivers.
This is also one of the reasons why I don't think you can apply CORPORATE CONTRACTS to a human being. Not because of some Natural Law bullshit where you denounce your NAME in a COURT of LAW like you're immune from the arbitrary societal ruleset - come on.
I don't think you can apply a 'contract' of any sort to this 'thing being driven', this body mover, this 'thinker'. If you don't know what it is, how can you pin it down to a contract or 'obligation'?
Seriously, until we know WHO we are, or might be, all invented non-disclosure contractual-agreements or debts-of-any-form need rescinding. And I'm not suggesting this just to be a cunt, and incite chaos - that's already being done all around you EACH AND EVERY DAY by those who hold the wind-up key to your Mechanical Brain.
You are a discardable machine, until you know YOU, you get that, right?

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