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Le Terroir Parisien Bourse in the 2nd: Yannick Alleno Strikes Gold Again.

By Johntalbott

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7.5 Le Terroir Parisien Bourse in the Palais Brongiart, 28, place de la Bourse in the 2nd (Metro: Bourse),, open 7/7, is a bit tricky to find - I actually walked around the whole building before seeing the tiny sign down a set a stairs in the near-basement on the South-West side facing Mori Venice Bar.  It's cool, huge (maybe 60 covers with a 12-person table d'hote) and despite its size and iron supports has a decibel level of only 80 dB, so one can talk, mainly because of the multi-leveled, beveled, and shaped wood ceiling (would Saturne had such.)

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My dining partner and my eyes both seized on the saucisson de ris de veau simultaneously and had to have it, and we were right, it was superb, especially with the parsleyed potatoes, along with the Faugeres which she selected - sorry for the shakes but I'd just knocked my first glass of wine over on my corduroy suit (PS it all came out with plain old water).

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Then my dining guest had a piece of beef, perfectly cooked, with a cafe de Paris sauce, which if you go to wikipedia, you'll learn more than you wanted to know about it.  It came with rather OK fries for Paris.  And I had veal escalopines with a great sauce of mushrooms, scallions and artichoke hearts that I thought was simply super.  Madame finished with a millefeuille that was equally terrific.

With the bottle of wine, a bottle of Chateldon, lousy bread and 2 coffees our bill was 119.90 E.

Go?  For certain.  If you go, you must reserve, the place, albeit big, was packed.  And as you exit you'll see a counter full of jars of Alleno's own stuff - I picked up jars of a terrine des foies of chicken Aniel Zelie and pate de campagne which he (one Guillaume) forthrightly said could be kept for a month.  Also, there's a big black-board of rillettes they start serving at 6 PM.

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