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Le Nom M'Echappe in the 2nd: Vibrant, Exciting, All Locals. And the Name Does Not Escape Me!

By Johntalbott

So, there's a long prequel here:
- I called for a res on a Monday, dreaded Monday, and got an 09. answering machine; left a message and
- One Catherine calls back to confirm
- I go and at 12h35 the place is packed with space (it seems) only at a common table or comptoir
- Not so, I am seated up a step and as I always do, empty my pockets of everything but my cash - cellphone, decibel meter, pad & pen, camera.
- Lady next to me asks "Are you a food critic"?  "Ans. "sort of."  "From which pub?"  "Ah, a blog." "Which is called what?" Oooh la la.
And a long sequel:
- I go to pay at the caisse and say innocently in French to the beautiful woman in the front-room, "So the chef, where did he cook before?" "Ah, my husband, we were at the Cafe qui Parle."  "Don't I know you, yes, Mr. Talbo, how are you?"
The rest is history.

Mon 001

Mon 011

Mon 002

Mon 007

6.7 Le Nom M'Echappe, (don't you love the name?), 28, rue Notre-Dame Des Victoires in the 2nd, closed weekends (they've got two kids after-all), (Metro: Bourse) is one of those places that opened at the end of 2014, I never got to go to.  So today, a Monday, seemed as good a time as any.  The outside has the required gunmetal grey, but at least it has lettering in the window of its name, and as I entered at 12h35 the place was full; full of excitement, locals and energy - like the Apple store in the Louvre.  Neat!

Mon 004

Mon 005

Mon 008

It took me much coaching to figure out that the dishes available at lunch were marked with a green star - Duh? - but eventually I got the program and ordered up
- a carpaccio of scallops on a stone with algae (galet Algotherapie), OK, if you say so,
- encornets with paprika on a bed of puree and semolina, and
- a coffee gourmand with
* citrus fruits in a divine sauce
* nuts on rice pudding
* chocolate with cardamon on a biscuit.

Mon 003

Mon 009

My bill, with with a half-bottle of wine (they do it by glass, bottle & a la ficelle), no bottled water, decent bread and OK coffee, was 58 E (they comp'd me to a glass of Eau de vie before Madame figured out who I was, so it was a gesture of the house not of recognition, I think. dB = 80.7.

Go?  Boy, I cannot wait to take Colette.  This is a place my buddy, Randy de Paris, would rate higher than I because of the "total experience."  Welcome, decor, food, service, ambiance.

Mon 010

35 E for pissing in the street - if caught.


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