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Le Chaland in the 10th: Well It Was a Beautiful Day Along the Canal St Martin, Why Not?

By Johntalbott

Aug-sept 2012 0154.9 (and that's being charitable) Le Chaland, 163 Quai de Valmy in the 10th,, open 7/7 except Monday night is a place my pal N. noticed a few months ago when flanneuring and said "It's on the Canal, it's full, not everyone there was a hipster and on a nice day it could be nice."  So me, I'm game, right?

Aug-sept 2012 016
Well, you cannot complain about the prices - 6 E for starters, 11-17 E mains and 5.50 E for desserts.  But the choices did look rather banal excepting the special main - gambas, so we ordered them - out at 12h45!

Aug-sept 2012 017

Aug-sept 2012 018


The waitlady immediately asked if we wanted some wine (it apparently being primarily a wine place) and I ordered the Talmar, a Pays d'Oc that my companion thought was if not the cat's meow, at least the cat's yelp.  And we both had a salad of terrific gesiers which were cooked perfectly, then sliced and mixed in and atop a salad of green beans, lettuce and hot-house (in August?, ah no!) tomatoes.

Aug-sept 2012 019

Aug-sept 2012 020


Then she had the tartare of salmon with frites she simply adored and I had an entrecote which was OK/standard/etc., cooked to my liking, with the fries and those dang hot-house tomatoes again.

With 2 coffees and no desserts, our bill was 46.80 E.

Go?  Nah, even on a nice day, with a nice lady, eating nice fries and drinking nice wine.

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