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"Lawful Gun Owners" Carrying Guns Illegaly in Chicago

Posted on the 09 February 2012 by Mikeb302000

It became very clear that I've been right all along.
“As I begin to write this, not 20 minutes beforehand, I pulled my gun in self defense. For the second time in 4 months. In the gun free city of Chicago. I already know what you’re thinking, I’m not allowed to carry a gun in Chicago. Let’s get this out of the way, I have made the decision to conceal carry in Chicago. Yes this is stupid, but it has already been beneficial for me. Not once but twice.
I've always suspected that the pro-gun guys were being less than honest when they claim that gun owners and especially concealed carry guys are more responsible and more law-abiding then the average citizen. The reason, they keep telling us, is because they value their right to own and carry guns too much to risk losing it.
Yet, when a post goes up on TTAG in which someone admits he carries illegally in Chicago, little criticism is heard.  This is called the bad-rules-be-damned mentality, by them.  To me it's proof that hidden criminals outnumber even the wildest estimates.
Check out some of the comments:
I am a telecommunications technician by trade, have worked in the gun-free Utopia of the People’s Democratic Republic of Chitcago more times than I care to count, AND HAVE ALWAYS CARRIED there (and elsewhere).
Good for you to do the right thing and still carry without the blessings of the dirty politicians. 
I carry when I have to go into Chicago, too. Hey, concealed is concealed, right? No one knows, and I’m real okay with that.
What's your opinion? Do you think it's all right for gun owners to disregard certain laws and still consider themselves law-abiding?  I mean, the guys who do this are not career criminals. Does my term "hidden criminal" work for describing this large segment of the gun-owning population?
What do you think?  Please leave a comment.

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