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Laser Distance Meter Penlaser Mini Digital Tape Measure 50 Ft with Bonus Laser Pointer Packed in PU Case Alkaline Batteries Included

By Irene Ross

Prexiso Penlaser is the smallest, simplest way of measuring. Benefit from its laser precision technology and continuous measurement mode, it takes instant and reliable measurements up to 50 Ft, which is Perfect for builders, real estate agents, contractors and DIY projects

Super Compact–Size: 6 x 0.7 x 0.6 in.;
Handy–One button for all;
Safety–Certified by FDA standard;

A.Press |Pause/ Measuring;
B.Press and Hold |Switch Unit mm & ft;
D.Press and Hold 5 S | Off;

Accuracy:±1/8 inch;
Range:0.3~50 Ft;
Laser Class II,

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