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Landscapers Near Me – Best Landscaping Companies (Free Estimates)

By Epic Home Ideas @epichomeideas

Epic Home Ideas

If you are not happy with the way your home landscape looks, but not sure what you need to do, or how to fix it, then it might be time to find a local landscaper nearby to consult and take care of your backyard, garden or home front yard area.

beautiful landscape design by local landscapers

If you have never had a landscaping contractor come and fix up your yard, you might not realize all the possible services these professionals can offer in order to help your lawn and gardens look better.

Let’s have a look at some of the possible services that can be performed by a professional landscaping contractor:

Gardening – Bushes/Flowers/etc.

This one shouldn’t come as a real big surprise. The landscaper will be able to come in and make sure there is room for your flowers and bushes to grow, by clearing out all the junk you don’t want anywhere in your yard. They will also be able to come up with wonderful designs that will beautify your home and also suggest you the best fertilizers, soil types etc to use in your garden.


pergola in landscape design

This is a term you may not have heard but have definitely seen. This is when the landscaper is working with hardware materials such as decks, driveways, pergolas etc. Fancier hardscapes can include walls and patios as well as outdoor kitchens if you really want to pull out all the stops.

Landscape Design/Install

This is another aspect that you can lean on a landscaping contractor to handle. This is more than simply coming in and trying to shape up what you already have in your yard. This is more about coming up with something that will look great when it comes to the shape of your yard and then put it into practice.

This can mean planting a flower bed, bushes, placing rocks in the backyard etc. It can also mean planting a tree or other greenery. This will certainly involve hardscapes from time to time, if the contractor has decided it’s something that is needed to make the yard look as good as it possibly can.

Landscape Lighting

This can go right along with landscaping and hardscapes. The lighting is used as a kind of way to help the yard look as good as it can when night falls. The right contractor is going to know exactly what kind of lights will look the best and show off the best of the design that has been done in your yard.

Sometimes this means little LED lights that will line a pathway and sometimes it can even mean a rather large spotlight to give emphasis to a focal point. It depends entirely on what your landscaping contractor wants to do and what you feel comfortable putting into your yard.

Landscape Repair

This is a service that will come in handy especially if you haven’t really been paying much attention to your yard until now. This can mean anything from filling holes that might have been drilled into your yard for one reason or another, to rebuilding a wall that has fallen into disrepair. The best landscaping contractors should be able to handle all instances or situations that need to be fixed and patched.

Lawn Care and Maintenance.

flowers in frontyard

This is a more basic service provided by a landscaping company. This can be as simple as making sure your lawn is mowed and watered and also flowers are maintained in good shape.

As a general rule, there isn’t going to be any intensive work when talking about this category. This is just making sure the basic parts of your lawn are healthy and thriving but doesn’t include planting or a total rebuilding or revamping of your yard.

Lawn Sprinkler System-Install or Repair

More and more lawns these days are moving away from when you had to roll out a sprinkler attached to a garden hose, then move it around over the course of the day.

A landscape contractor can install a sprinkler system that will turn on at certain pre-programmed times in order to make sure your lawn is getting enough water. They will come up from under the ground and go off. These contractors should also be able to come out and fix the system if a problem surfaces after it has been fully installed.

Leaf Removal

Much like lawn care and maintenance, leaf removal is actually pretty simple compared to the other services that the landscaper will work on.

If you have quite a few trees in and around your yard, you are going to find that keeping your yard looking as good as it can is a bit harder than you imagined. This is especially true when you are talking about the number of things that might have been inserted in your yard thanks to landscaping efforts.

If you have had quite a bit of work done, you are also going to find that it’s not as simple as raking the yard as there are going to be leaves in the bushes and flower beds that you don’t want to be running a rake through. There are professionals who know how to clean up these issues without hurting what is already planted.

Sod installation

sod installer

Source: http://www.salemturf.com/sod-installation/

When a landscaper has to deal with sod installation, they are going to be trying to get rid of bare patches in your lawn and properly install the new sod.

This kind of thing should be done by professionals since they are going to know how to best get the sod down and then how to treat it so that its level on the ground etc. You don’t want to do this by yourself and then just have to do it all over again if the process doesn’t work and if it doesn’t get properly installed. By having someone handle sod installation you are making sure that a professional will get it right the very first time.

Tree Removal/Trimming

While it’s always nice to have a big tree giving you lots of shade in the summertime, there are all kinds of problems that can arise by having these trees year round.

Among the biggest problems is that you will soon find they require quite a bit of upkeep. You might find that you need to have some branches cut off the tree, either because they are dying or because they keep hitting your house.

A landscape contractor will be able to handle this quickly and professionally. If trimming the tree of its branches is not fixing the problem, there is a chance you will need to have the tree removed entirely. This can also be handled by a landscaping contractor in your area. They will know how to not only remove the tree, but also remove it in a way that won’t leave a giant scar in your lawn.

Irrigation system

Sometimes your lawn and landscape is going to need more than just a sprinkler system. This is a kind of system that will be a bit more under the radar but still allow for all the plants in your yard to get plenty of water so that they can grow and stay healthy. The landscaper will have the best idea as to how to install these fully-fledged irrigation systems in your yard.

Water features

 a small water pond in yard

This kind of service is about installing various water features in your yard. These can be fountains or ponds or whatever other water based installations you think might look pretty when they are in your lawn. The landscaper will work with you to pick the very best one and then make sure it’s in there and operating.

So if you are asking the question “what are the best landscapers near me“, having in mind the services offered by professional contractors as described above hopefully you will have a better idea about what these professionals can help you with.

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