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Lakme Argan Oil Radiance Oil-in-Serum Review

By Niharika Verma @niharikaverma22

I have heard a lot about the goodness of Argan Oil. When I got to know about LAKME Argan Oil Range, it made me little excited. 😃 I have already shared my views on
Foundation and Day Cream from this range and in today's post, it is all about Lakme Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum. Let's move on to details.

Product Description

This lightweight concentrate combines the power of the serum with the nourishment of oil. Massaging just 1-2 drops at bedtime soaks your skin with nourished radiance through the night. So you wake up to nourished, radiant skin.

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Packaging: Comes in a sleek bottle with a dropper. The packaging gives you glassy-luxurious feels but the material is not actually glass so no risk of breakage. Also, it has some nozzle kind of thing and it prevents the serum from sticking around the bottleneck. 😃

Color and Consistency: It is golden yellow in color and consistency is super lightweight. It is an oil-in-serum but doesn't feel like sticky or heavy at all.

Fragrance: It is so pleasing, mild, and relaxing. 😃 Not at all heavy or something.

My Experience

Light on Skin

What I notice first was that is so light on the skin. It is not at all heavy, oily, or sticky at all. After massaging 2-3 drops doesn't even feel like I have applied something to my face.


It gives my skin Instant nourishment. My all facial muscles were relaxed. Feels like it takes away winter dryness within seconds of the application. My skin is oily in summers but goes into the dry mode in winters. So it is doing really well for me these days. In fact, as it is not a heavy facial serum, it works well for all skin types.

It is not an Intense nourishing serum. Like if you have dry patches or flaky skin, you may not get relief from it from the first use. It may take a long time to fight flaky skin on a long-term basis.

After waking up in morning, I didn't notice any noticeable effect after first use. But after continuous usage, I notice the glow on my face. And the glow was real. 😃 Like it was not temporary or minor. I can easily see my cheeks glowing. So yes, it definitely added the glow to my face. I can call this Glow Tonic.

Suits my Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin

I have extremely sensitive skin and most of the time my skin does not accept any new product. After using this daily, I didn't notice any breakout or any other negative effect. So yes, if you have the same skin, you can go for it without any doubt.

Not a Multifunctional Serum

Apart from adding the natural glow to my face, it didn't notice any effect on my skin. Like it won't work for marks, lines, skin texture or any other skin issue. It is just made for glowing skin and Instant Nourishment.

💁 In short, it is a lightweight overnight face serum which Instantly nourishes skin without being heavy, sticky, or oily. Brings on the natural glow to skin and suitable for all skin types.

So this was it. Hope I have answered all the questions. 😄 Do subscribe to more and Have a Good Day! 😇
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