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LADY GAGA BORNE THIS WAY I Know You Dont All Like the Video, But...

Posted on the 03 March 2011 by Lauramoodley


I know you dont all like the video, but doesnt the song remind you of something?

If you know what it is, can u tell me?

Anyway for those of you who dont like or understand the video, here is my interpritation:

Its got a very vintage science fiction asthetic, but i see the story as being very Biblical, like the creation of the world, of the universe, of good, of evel and humanity.

Original sin may be in there, with the Birth of adam & Eve, then evil comes along. But dont worry u were borne this way, so no point appologisig for it, we were all created “by god” so ur perfect.

(FYI I am not at all religious so i bear no prejudice on other people beliefs or interpretations).

The only think I can not explain about the video is: whats with the bikini? bad choice.

xoxo LLM

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