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Ladies Come Party At The All New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~

By Huney_84
Hi Huneybees,
Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
LADIES! GENTS! Coyote Ugly Saloon is here in Singapore!
Zoom back to when scarf tops and low rising jeans were hot, LeAnn Rimmes dancing on the bartop singing "Can' Fight the Moonlight", the actresses all owning the movie - Coyote Ugly. An all-girls lead movie about finding and fulfilling their passions, that got us all singing and feeling good leaving the cinema. In fact, that's all inspired by Coyote Ugly Saloon, a bar so good, where women rule, they even made a movie about it!Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
The phenomenal rise of the Coyote Ugly Saloons around the world can be attributed to the original Coyote: Liliana ‘Lil’ Lovell. In 1992, the 24-year-old Wall Street Apprentice-turned-bartender wanted to do things her way - own a bar, make money and have fun. Today, her quick wit, unshakable confidence and ability to take your last dollar can be experienced in the girls who work at the bars around the world. 
It is a winning formula that continues to deliver and has already garnered 26 outlets in the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Japan, etc. I can't wait to gather up my girlfriends and have a fun girls' night out when the bar opens on 16 January 2020. Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
There will be Coyotes from the other outlets around the world joining the local team on a regular basis. You can count on them to add extra spice to the night’s entertainment. First up will be the ladies from the U.S. and Ukraine who will take over the bar top at the Singapore saloon this week!
Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
The sprawling local outlet can pack a capacity crowd of 700 through the hallmark saloon doors. Inside, customers are greeted by signature graffiti murals of Calavera Day of the Dead skulls on the walls and red banquettes. Marquee lights spell out the legendary bar’s name at the back of the bar top, specially designed for dancing by Coyotes and female patrons. And, of course, the Coyotes are always there to welcome patrons and turn up the heat with sizzling dance moves and jaw-dropping attitude to go. Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
The Coyote Ugly Saloon also features four top-notch pool tables for those looking to take a break from the action on the bar top and instead want to kick back and pocket some balls over a beer or ten. Plus, there’s a dance floor for the more energetic guests to let their hair down to the sounds of today’s biggest hits. Sports fans are also in for great times. There are plenty of TV screens to catch all the action in football, rugby, Formula One, MMA, Superbowl and more. So gather the troops and get those drinks and food in.Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
Your happy hours will never be the same again. Expect $10 drink deals starting at 5pm every day until 9pm and also irresistible daily specials.  The drinks menu is extensive and covers everything from classic cocktails, Coyote cocktails ($22-$24) to shots, premium spirits, wines and champagne.Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~
Tequila and whisky are especially encouraged. From the kitchen, signature bar bites such as Chipotle Queso and Chips ($12), Nashville Wings (Giant Portion $50), Chicken Tenders ($14), Pizzas ($16 -$18 or $45 for the the giant pizza), Burgers ($15 -$30) and mozzarella bites($14) are crowd-pleasing favourites; or simply order the sharing platter for a bit of everything ($35). Ladies Come Party At The all New Coyote Ugly Saloon ~~~If you are all hyped up and want to have even more fun during this opening month, here are some of the special events to note:
COYOTE UGLY VALENTINE’S MAN AUCTIONRamp up the fun at the Man Auction this Valentine’s Day and recreate the scene from the movie where ladies get to bid for their hunk of choice. In return, the successful bidders are treated to an immediate date with the man they’ve just snagged. Whatever the price paid by the ladies go towards the drinks and food during the date. There is even the possibility of Adam Garcia from the 2000 hit movie ‘Coyote Ugly’ about the bar coming to town just for the event.
COYOTE FOR THE NIGHTLooking for something different to do on a Bachelorette night or a BFF’s birthday? Coyote Ugly has the perfect plan for the girls. Sign-up for the Coyote for the Night package for a hen’s night to remember. The special girl and her gal pals get to play Coyote alongside the pros on the bartop. The package includes a day-time dance class to get the squad up to speed on all the right moves, VIP entry, drinks, and a night to remember. 
Ok, gona leave you here with more details below, my turn to start singing and dancing to "Can't Fight the Moonlight"!

INFORMATIONAddress: 3B River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay Blk B, #01-08, Singapore 179021 Tel: 62616564Opening Hours: 5pm to 3am, dailyCapacity: 700Reservations: [email protected]Website:
IRRESISTIBLE DAILY DRINK PROMOTIONSMuse on Monday: 1 for 1 all night - beers, wine, house poursThirsty Tuesday: 1 for 1 bottles for ladies only. Wednesday Ladies Night: Dance on the bar top for free drinks or $20 free flow wines, Cava, and Gin Tonics. Thursday Flight Night: 6 pieces Wings/burger and Draught Beer for $15. Shoot Em Up Friday: 12 x shots $88 usual price $100Saturday: Free shots for ladies who dance on the bar topSports Sunday : Beer Towers $68 Sports  
Birthday Parties: $328 - 1 House pour + 1 Tower Beer + 1 Wine/Cava/Prosecco  + giant portion appetisersBachelorette Night: $288 - 1 bottle house pour or 3 bottles of wine/cava/prosecco + appetisers (1 hour of dance training)Bachelor Party: $288 - 1 bottle house pour + mixers + 1 Tower + appetisers + 1 Coyote Game Over Tshirt


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