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La Mechanique De Dessous An Amazing Exhibition at the Paris...

By Lauramoodley

La Mechanique De Dessous

An amazing exhibition at the Paris Musee des arts decoratifs, showing us the underpinnings and inner structures of fashion through out history. Concentrating mainly on the history of fashion and undergarments, from corsets  & jockstraps to padded bras & body sculpting underwear for men & women.

The most interesting exhibit however, is one that I have never seen before yet have always wondered: How those giant ruffs of the Elizabethan era were made and supported. (The images above answer that question.) Something that I will be interested to try out in my next collection which features ruffles of silk and lace.

If you are in or around Paris in the coming months, you must pop in to see this exhibition!

xoxo LLM

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