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L'Orriu Di Beauveau in the 8th: A Delightful Transition to a Basque Bistrot.

By Johntalbott

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6.5 L'Orriu di Beauveau, 4, Rue des Saussaies in the 8th (yes, next to Elysee), (Metro: not really - but try Miromesnil) (not .99 as Figaro printed - which doesn't answer nor work well) recently underwent 3 months reconstruction and transformation from one of the best French wine bistros to a pretty damn good Corsican joint.  They have a 19 E plat du jour (I choose this place because my fellow blogger needs to be near home and tell his readers he's eating for 19 E and under).

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But since his readers are probably not readers, I'll disclose that he reached up to the 29 E 2 course "menu" with good cause.  Because he started with a sardine tart that was really nice with a lotta salad (every dish came with so many greens your doctor and mother would applaud) and I had the poulpe that was tender and delicious with a lotta salad.  Neither of us, with a combined tenure in Paris of 35 years, knew what a stuffatu of veal was, so we asked and it did illuminate us a bit - but the resultant dish with wonderful potatoes was for me a revelation - for him, even with salt, was not great.

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The addition appeared in a really cool jacket (pictured) and was for 96.50 E with a bottle and glass of Casanova wine (couldn't resist the name), no bottled water, so-so bread, no desserts and one coffee.

Go back?  Even though A La Chataigne is around the corner - here be the Corsican place.  a bit noisy though - 89.2 dB; and a long, long, very long wait between courses

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