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L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of Review

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Tomorrow is the longest day of the year, so we all know what that means, right? What, no, not the fact that the nights are now slooooowly drawing back in again, but the fact that Summer is officially here. So, grab your sunglasses, and your favourite book because we are heading to the beach....what do you mean it's forecast rain....?
We all know that the number one most important beauty item, at this time of year is sun cream. It doesn't matter that your moisturiser and foundation claims to have SPF whatever in it, because you still need to be using the proper stuff. And me being the crazy paranoid nutter that I am, opted for the Factor 50 stuff, that:
"prevents the appearance of wrinkles and brown spots"
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of ReviewYes, I know that I'm only 27 years of age, but for once, I think it's good to be a little OTT. And, the sun cream that I am currently using is the L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sun cream Lotion (phew, that was a mouthful!).
What attracted me to this Sun cream  Well the fact that it was SPF 50 was a huge bonus. My problem, in the past, when it has come to buying Sun creams, is that I have been slightly blinded by this little annoyance that Sun creams, in my opinion, are just too darn expensive.
It's something that we all need, to get through the summer safely, and not just us, but children as well, and companies want to charge us around £10 a pop. I just think that £10 is a lot of money, especially when it's a product that:
a. You only use for roughly two months out of the entire year, and
b. Has a typically limited use-by date. This one in particular is 12 months, so do you keep using it the year after you bought it or not? For £10 a bottle, probably.
So, I'm normally sold on Sun Creams by two for the price of one offers, and end up with a product that has an SPF of way too low.
Packaging: For me, the packaging is the big seller of this product.
You know the scenario, you're sitting on the beach, catching some rays, when you decide to top up your cream. But, sand isn't really the most stable of places to stick your bottle, and the other half has been sent on a mission for ice cream. No matter how hard you try, the bottle always falls over and yes, sand will get into the bottom. And even if the bottle doesn't fall over, you just know the sea breeze is going to get that sand in there.
But, oh wait, not with this sun cream, because oh no. It has a special opening that keeps sand out. Hurrah.
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of Review
As you can see the part of the lid (the orange bit) is completely flat, and no matter whether the bottle is open or closed, it always stays like that. Which seems a bit odd, when you think about it, but to assure you that product DOES come out, here's the evidence:
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of Review
Another good thing about this style of lid, is that as you can tell, it doesn't squirt too much onto your hand, so your hands aren't flooded with too much product that leaves you making a huge mess.
So how do you know when it's open or closed? That's down to the white part of the lid, which you twist around to open and close. This picture shows you how different the bottle looks in each position:
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of Review
So trust me, you can tell when it's open. But also trust me, that it really doesn't matter if you do forget to "close" it, because no sand, no nothing is getting in there!
Application: As I already stated above, you don't get too much product out in one squeeze which I thought was great. For me, I find it easier to apply more than struggle to get rid of too much from my hands. The product squirts out a thick lotion that resembles most others, and smells quite nice. Isn't it funny how sun cream really is the smell of the summer:
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of Review
As you can see it's very creamy, but it practically starts to melt onto the skin, from the moment that it touches it, and it doesn't take to much for it to absorb:
L'Oreal Solar Expertise Ultra Sunscreen Lotion Sort Of Review
Overall: There isn't really much more that you can so, other than the bottle is a great design, it smells nice, and absorbs into the skin quickly.
And would I buy it again? When this one runs out, probably, purely because I love the bottle's design ;) Yeah, I'm REALLY that sad!
Which Sun Creams will you be swearing by this summer?

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