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Kylie Jenner Wears Ridiculous Amounts of the Cartier LOVE Collection

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Sixteen year old Kylie Jenner has been spotted wearing not one, but five pieces of Cartier’s LOVE collection at once. She has been an lover of Cartier in the past, sporting bangle bracelets starting at $6,350 , rings starting at $1,060 each, and a diamond encrusted bracelet worth $40,700 alone! More recently, a pricy LOVE ring has been gifted to her by an unnamed suitor. She wears several pieces of this line as everyday wear. Some say this show of riches is ridiculous, some say If you got it, flaunt it.

Perhaps Kylie’s extravagant daily jewelry is not a case of flaunting it at all though. She has obviously been raised with everything a girl could want, from a $125,000 Mercedes SUV, to casual shopping trips that likely amount to more than the average American’s mortgage. Kylie Jenner’s casual jewelry is likely the equivalent of an average American teenager simply slipping on all of her ten dollar bangle bracelets in the morning. This is not to call Kylie shallow, or to say she does not realize the value of her Cartier. It is to acknowledge that at sixteen, she is doing what most young girls do. It is normal for a teenager to choose many of the pieces from her room to make a fashion statement. For her though, this can add up in value fast! Imagine if we added in the value of her newest Celine bag, and designer clothing? Gasp!

Kylie, while born rich, also has her own income at this point from the reality shows she appears in with her family, her modeling, and her clothing line PacSun. So a sixteen year old girl with her own income and no responsibilities should be able to spend her money on pretty things without too much backlash from the media.

In addition to her expensive Cartier jewelry, Kylie has been seen supporting Alicia Keys’ charity by wearing a Bobby Bear ring. A part of the proceeds from this pricy ring goes to the charity Keep a Child Alive. She has also been seen recently at a breast cancer awareness event with her sister, and her family donates their time and money to various charities.

Cartier also offers a Love Charity bracelet, they donate $150 out of the sale of each of these bracelets to charities backed by chosen celebrities.

Cartier’s LOVE collection was created in the seventies, and has become iconic in the past few decades. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes have been spotted wearing pieces from the collection, and the expensive LOVE rings are said to be the ultimate symbol of devotion among upper class teens.

So who is the secret sender of Kylie’s LOVE ring? This has yet to be determined, although there is speculation about a certain ex she attended high school with, a football player from Stanford, and a Aussie pop-star. Who ever it is that sent her the ring seems to know the way into her heart: with Cartier LOVE Bling!

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