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KVVES Corded by the State Government to Continue the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival

By Vishnudas

KVVES corded by the State Government to continue the Grand Kerala Shopping FestivalBy involving Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi (KVVES) as the co-partner of the event, the State Government of Kerala is leveling down its role in Grand Kerala Shopping Festival, yearly shopping event organised by the Tourism Department. Financial assistance for the mega event is being reduced for the first time while it was showing an increment in the previous years, from Rs. 25 crore the government has cut down its allotment for the shopping bonanza to Rs 15 crore this year. The government spent Rs 15 crore on the first edition of the GKSF in 2007, 20 crore in 2008 and then it was followed by 25 crores since then.
Tourism Minister A. P. Anil Kumar said, ‘’It is an effort to make the event famous by linking the Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi as additional shops could be included in the event.
Decrement in the allotment is targeted at doing away with the monetary accountability of the government.” Whereas claims are being staged that the government was gradually pacing back from the event as it entailed vast monetary liability which was barbed out in the CAG report. The solitary major organisation of traders in the state (KVVES) was here for a meeting last week with the minister. Their responsibility and role will be finalised at the next conversation.GKSF had not gained the traders below its fold in any way said, the Samithi in a memorandum presented to the Minister. Ekopana Samithi president T Nasarudeen said, “We will contribute Rs 15 crore for the event by selling coupons to one lakh of our members. For purchase of even Rs 200 prize coupon will be provided. By integrating huge number of traders the products manufactured in the state could be sold hugely.” Government had to seek aid from Samithi, because it had accomplished a stage where it was unfeasible to perform the event, said an official. GKSF had botched to attain its major goal of creating Kerala a diverse shopping destination, said Thomas Isaac, Finance Minister when the event was first launched.“Involving new partners is only a face-saving attempt, nothing could be changed”, he added. 

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