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Kuttu Khichdi Recipe, Farali Buckwheat Khichdi, Kuttu Khichdi- Fasting Recipe

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Kuttu Ki Khichdi- Buckwheat grouts cooked with potato and few spices and herbs- Navaratri Fasting Recipe

Kuttu Ki Khichdi- Buckwheat/Kuttu/kutto//papparai is a healthy gluten free super food. It is rich in protein, fiber,Vitamin B, Magnesium, phosphorous. Kuttu is a fruit seed called as pseudo-cereals. It is ideal for boosting heart health. It is Rich in fiber so helps in digestion. It is very good for weight management. Low glycemic index makes it a ideal food for diabetic patients also .

Kuttu or buckwheat is mainly used during fasting days. Buckwheat/ kuttu flour is used to make pakoda, halwa, pancakes, parathas and poori . Buckwheat grouts /daliya is also easily available in the market. They are the hulled seed of buckwheat plant.These grouts/daliya can also be used to make so many healthy and delicious recipes i.e daliya,khichdi ,pulao,salad, porridge etc.

These buckwheat grouts take quite some times to cook so it is a better idea to soak them in water before cooking.This Kuttu ki khichdi/ kuttu pulao is a very good recipes for fasting days as it is healthy and easy to cook and a filling main course recipe. I loved the soft chewy texture of kuttu grouts in the khichdi. You can also make this khichdi regularly and enjoy a guilt free healthy diet. It can also be packed in lunch boxes.

HowTo Make Kuttu Ki Khichdi

For making this kuttu khichdi first soak the kuttu grouts/kuttu daliya in water for 30 minutes(you can make this without soaking also but soaking gives a nice texture) . Heat ghee in the cooker and add cumin,hing, chopped potato,chopped ginger and green chilies. Saute for few minutes. Drain water from the soaked kuttu and add in the tempering and saute for few seconds. Add water and pressure cook for a whistle. Now cook on low heat for 15 minutes. When the cooker cool down then open sand stir gently. add lemon juice and chopped fresh coriander.

If you don't use green chilies and ginger in fasting then just add pepper powder instead of green chili and ginger. As kuttu is warm in nature/ hot taseer so it is advised to serve kuutu khichdi with some curd to balance the nature.

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Kuttu Khichdi Recipe, Farali Buckwheat Khichdi, Kuttu Khichdi- Fasting Recipe
Kuttu Khichdi Recipe, Farali Buckwheat Khichdi, Kuttu Khichdi- Fasting Recipe
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Kuttu Ki Khichdi for Fasting

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