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Krauthammer to Republicans on Benghazi: "Stop Calling It a Huge Scandal. Stop Saying It's a Watergate. Stop Saying It's Iran Contra. Let the Facts Speak for Themselves."

Posted on the 15 May 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Very. Sound. Advice.

Via RCP:

Why were the requests for security denied including the desperate ones of the Ambassador who ObamaBenghaziultimately was killed? Second, what happened on the night [of the attack]? How could America at least made an attempt of rescue? And the response by Democrats, 'Well, it wouldn't have arrived in time.' How in the hell do you know in advance that it's not going to arrive in time? How do you know it would be 7 and a half hours and not 17 and a half hours? That is is not a response. 
And where was the president that night? We've all seen the videos and pictures in The Situation Room of Obama on the night of the Osama raid. Everybody looks at that, he was really involved in that. Show me a picture of where he was on the night of the attack in Libya. Give me a time line. Who did he talk to and what did he do? 
Lastly, the talking points, which are a fiction. And compounded by the fact that the president now say, 'I said it was a terror attack on the day after.' That is not true. Even The Washington Post has said today, it was absolutely a falsehood. It's a falsehood on top of falsehood. But the one advice I give to Republicans is stop calling it a huge scandal. Stop saying it's a Watergate. Stop saying it's Iran Contra. Let the facts speak for themselves. Have a special committee, a select committee. The facts will speak for themselves. Pile them on but don't exaggerate, don't run ads about Hillary. It feed the narrative for the other side that it's only a political event. It's not. Just be quiet and present the facts.

Video at the link.

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