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Kollam Backwater, an Interesting Way to Explore the Nature’s Splendor in Kerala

By Vishnudas
Kollam Backwater, an Interesting Way to Explore the Nature’s Splendor in KeralaKollam is a primeval port situated on the tip of the Ashtamudi Lake, in Kerala, which was earlier known as Quilon. Traders from different parts of the world visited this town, like Arabia, China, Greece, Phoenicia and Rome. In some time in the past, the Portuguese built a trading post at Kollam, who was followed by the Dutch and British, who respectively established their factories to transfer spices, sandalwood, ivory and coir to foreign lands and especially their respective countries. Kollam is a popular tourist destination in Kerala and is also considered as a gateway to the state’s tranquil backwaters. Visitors can explore the Tourist attractions of the place while cruising on the backwaters of the region.
Kollam is located at a distance of about 71 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala and is a significant center for the processing and trading of cashew nut. Apart from the scenic backwaters of this place, there are several other tourist attractions including some historic monuments and temples, which can be discovered while cruising along the backwaters. The most important tourist attraction of this place is the Ashtamudi Lake, which covers over 30 percent of the entire Kollam town. The backwater of the Kollam town stretches from the Ashtamudi Lake, which is certainly an interesting prospect to enjoy. Kollam Backwater, an Interesting Way to Explore the Nature’s Splendor in KeralaA boat ride along the tranquil backwaters of Kollam to the Alappuzha region includes several scenic views along the route. One can enjoy the alluring lotuses and other different aquatic plants growing on the surface of the water. The banks of the backwaters are dotted with coconut palm trees and the sky is filled with different species of aquatic birds. One can also enjoy the scenic landscapes from the backwaters of the region all the while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings. The journey from Kollam to Alappuzha along the backwaters takes around 8 hours. One can always enjoy the fascinating backwaters of Kerala while touring Kollam on Kerala tours.

Another place of interest that you can visit while cruising along the backwaters of Kollam is the Mata Amritananthamayi Ashram. The ashram is an international pilgrimage destination that is situated close to Kollam in Vallikkavu. The place is popularly known as a learning and medical institute and also for the imposing personality of Ma Amritananthamayi who is also known as the hugging saint due to hospitable habit of embracing her disciples. Another historic place that you can visit during the tour in the Kollam backwaters is the Thangasseri Fort, which is located close to Kollam. At this place, one can sense the Portugal influence among the ruins of a Portuguese Fort and churches, which are believed to be structured during the 18th century. Another major highlight of this place is the 144 ft towering lighthouse, which open for the visitors and it provides breathtaking views of the sea and the coast of Kollam from the top. You can enjoy all these attractions of Kollam on a trip to this place while on Kerala Tours with Kerala Backwaters. The backwater of Kollam also provides tours to other major backwater destinations of Kerala Kumarakom and Kochi. These backwater tours also help you to observe the traditional lifestyle of the Kerala region, while cruising along the backwater of Kollam. So, the next time you visit this state; do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the captivating tours along the backwaters of Kerala.

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