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Know How to Style Your Clothes with Your Handbags in 2021

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

Fashion enthusiastic people and the latest ramp show trends show that it will put back many of the familiar styles that were immensely popular at one time. Many of these trends are too appealing that you would want to try out.

While surfing the internet, you will come across the top 20 handbag brands list that would help select the best outfit. We all know that women’s clothing trends are always changing and evolving. 

With that being said, we have come up with our own top styling trends list in 2021 that would rule the fashion world. And let us not forget that handbags would be a significant part of these trends as you have got to carry hand sanitisers and masks when stepping out nowadays.

So you have to check out the top 20 handbag brands to get your bag collection upgraded. So let jump right into it.

Monochrome Combination 

The monochrome combination has gained a remarkable position in the chart of great attires. Whenever you find yourself doubtful, these basic options are always there to come to your rescue as you can find it on the top clothing brands list. Wearing a classic white button-down shirt with black pants would serve you as a classic option.

Know how to style your clothes with your Handbags in 2021
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You can always consider this fantastic option as it is the most reliable outfit for your daily office look. This perfect combination won’t only enhance your personality but even give you a calm and subtle look. You can carry an over-sized tote handbag along with it to look great. 

Puffed Up Sleeves

When puffed up sleeves caught our attention in the spring collection of 2018, we thought that this new wave might not stay for a longer time. But this fantastic trend has proved its worth and come up as a trend seasons after seasons.

In 2021, the same trend will continue and gain the topmost position in the top clothing brands list and entice the audience all across the world. 

A great puffed-up dress will create a fantastic look, and it will add a tint of glamour with jeans, leggings, and even a sweater and make it look fancy.


Bralettes are something that would give you an appealing and mesmerising look. You can surely fill your wardrobe with this great top as its trend will continue in 2021 as well. They look good with denim shorts and mom jeans, you can elevate this look with a belt bag. 


Many designers seem to have reinvented the knit fashion by doing several experiments and opt for the various ways to make your attire look the coolest.

Two-piece shrug sets will become a great style statement for lots of people and people would love to wear it. They will go well with solid tops and shirts. You can add a bucket bag to this look and get an easy brunch look. 

Velvet Dresses

Many designers would include velvet as their top choice to bring winter’s most favorite fabric to the table. They transform this luxury fabric into great ankle-grazing, long-sleeve, and off-the-shoulder dresses.

Know how to style your clothes with your Handbags in 2021
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So, you can add an element of romance into your pleasant look by having pairs of velvet dresses with your cute heels, or you can even channelise your rocker spirit by wearing velvet wide-leg pants and fabulous boots. A petite clutch is just the right choice for this date night look.

Abstract Prints 

Abstract wave prints will rule in 2021 in almost all wardrobes. Several prints, particularly animal prints, will surely give a vibrant look. You will love the retro and bright designs that will add a lot of freshness to your look.

These prints can be incorporated in your wardrobe in the form of accessories or bags. You can go through the top 20 handbag brands to get your statement piece.

End Note

So, these are some of the prominent fashion trends that will prevail in 2021. You can check them out at online and offline stores according to your taste and preferences. 

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