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KLUTCHclub ~ A Club Where You'll Want "In"

By Yonni @vegandthecity
How fun would it be to get a gift in the mail every month, customized to your taste, and full of goodies and samples of products you may love?
If you're intrigued, you've got to check out KLUTCHclub!  Here's how it works:            
When your box arrives, it's super clever.  First of all, you can't miss's covered in the words KLUTCHclub!  When you open the first tab it says "Get ready" and the next tab? "Your KLUTCH has arrived!"
In my shipment I had a totally fun assortment of goods...I'll tell you about each!
1.  Mighty Leaf Tea ~ I received three different flavors: organic earl gray, chamomile citrus and green tea tropical.  Two were caffeine free and one caffeine light, so no matter what time of day or night you choose to enjoy them, they won't keep you up.  The flavors are also nice and mellow, so you don't get walloped with tartness, even if you steep them for a long time.

My KLUTCHclub Box!

2.  CasCal Fermented Soda Fresh Tropical with kaffir lime, mango, & jasmine flavors ~ I am so not a soda drinker, and don't even like seltzer unless it's super cold, but this was good!  It wasn't too sweet and the carbonation wasn't overwhelming so I enjoyed it.  My husband liked it and that's more his thing, and I'm sure my son would have been asking me to purchase some for the house if he had tried some.
3.  Truvia ~ I poured half of a sample pack into my coffee to see what it would be like, knowing I have a Starbucks around the corner if it was an unsuccessful trial but I liked it!  This low-calorie sweetener, made from the Stevia Leaf is a really nice ingredient to add to your coffee, or even Mighty Leaf Tea!  It doesn't have that saccharine-y flavor and is lighter than adding some raw sugar to your beverage.  Now I keep the rest of the samples in my handbag :-)
4.  Zoye Soybean Oil ~ Loved this!  I took a pint of yellow tomatoes and a pint of plum tomatoes and quartered them.  I sprinkled them with balsamic vinegar and the sample packet of Zoye and roasted them for an hour at 300 degrees.  I now have the most fabulous bruschetta topping or the making of a delicious pasta sauce if I use my immersion blender.  I also used it to make a really delicious eggplant caponata...
5.  Breton Gourmet Shortbread Cookies ~ Cleary not made for The Trendy Vegan, but when my husband sampled them his eyebrows raised, he nodded his head, and when he swallowed he simply said "those are really, really good."  Need I say more?
6.  Liquid Vitamin B12 by 1st Step Pro-Wellness ~ I really like the concept of this product, especially as a vegan who needs this in a supplement, but this was not my thing.  Much too not for me.
7.  Molecule-R's Soy Lecitin ~ I think I missed a skill set for this one.  I happen to consider myself a really good cook but I never claimed to be good at chemistry and I failed this test.  I received a kit of agar agar and a liquid dropper so I could make balsamic vinegar pearls.  I followed the instructions (I thought) but the liquid was too think to get it into the dropper and therefore too thick to make what it should have.  This company offers lots of other products to create food foams, candied droplets and other things, so if you're better at experimenting than I am, this could be very cool.
8. Nia ~ I received a gift certificate for one month free of Nia online exercise classes ~ a zumba-style program that you can follow right from your computer!  It also included 40% off any Nia clothing and a trial of her white belt class.  It's pretty cool, regardless of the kind of workout you enjoy as it's a great deal.
9. Mineral Hygenics ~ This all natural brand of cosmetics offered $15 toward any product or a mini trial kit of a small applicator brush and two powder foundations.  This is not an expensive line, but who doesn't love $15 off?  Products start around $19 so it's a great deal off of a really nice line.
To get started with KLUTCHclub today, even if only for a one-month trial, click here: ~ for $18 you get all of these products to sample and it's got a value of $100 or more!  How can you not sign up?

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