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KISS: One of the TOP 5 Most Important Bands in the History of Rock n Roll!

Posted on the 01 May 2018 by Ripplemusic
KISS: One of the TOP 5 Most Important Bands in the History of Rock n Roll!
Thesis: KISS is one of the 5 most important bands in the HISTORY of rock n roll. 
This statement isn't based on quality of the music, stage show, fan loyalty, sales, chart success, merchandising, whether you like them or not, or any common metric of music success. It's based on one simple fact: the top 5 bands of all time, who inspired more people to pick up an instrument and start to play/start a band, after only seeing them in concert one time are, in order: The Beatles, Sex Pistols, KISS, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan.
Countless rock n roll hall of famers credit seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show as changing their world and being their inspiration to pick up an instrument. There's a legendary Sex Pistols show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester on 4 June 1976 where it's been said that nearly every single person in the audience went out afterwards and formed a band (including Howard Devoto (Buzzcocks/Magazine), Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks), Morrissey (The Smiths), Tony Wilson (Factory Records/The Haçienda), Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Bernard Sumner (Joy Division/New Order/Electronic), Mark E Smith (The Fall), Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) ). 
And the same goes for KISS. 
Countless rockers credit them as being their first inspiration/influence, with Ace in particular an inspiration to many guitarists to pick up a guitar and learn to play. Artists such as Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Megadeth, Anthrax, Poison, Alice in Chains, Slayer, Sepultura, Dream Theater, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Bon Jovi, W.A.S.P., Weezer, Melvins, Lenny Kravitz, Tool, Black Veil Brides as well as notable acts of other genres such as Garth Brooks and Lady Gaga have all cited the band as influences, both musically and visually.
KISS, one of the top 5 MOST IMPORTANT bands in the history of Rock. Agree or disagree, and why?

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