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Kinetic Cafe Launches Kinetic Commerce Westfield World Trade Center

By A Beauty Feature @abeautyfeature

Kinetic Cafe is pleased to announce the launch of its KINETIC COMMERCE Platform today alongside global footwear & accessories retailer Aldo at the opening of the Westfield World Trade Center in New York City. KINETIC COMMERCE was co-created with retailers such as Aldo based on years of collaborative design and product development, bringing together the best parts of digital with bricks and mortar retail.

“Tuesdays launch at Westfield World Trade Center is the culmination of countless hours of passion and creativity by everyone at Kinetic and Aldo. It highlights the power of Kinetic’s Retail Innovation Lab and the KINETIC COMMERCE Platform,” says Kinetic President and Chief Innovation Officer David Dougherty. “There is no better place on earth to showcase what we’ve created together.”

Westfield World Trade Centre is projected to become one of the world’s most visited retail destinations and a standout landmark in Lower Manhattan and New York City. The majority of the 125 global and local fashion, beauty, lifestyle and technology retail brands—including Aldo—opened their stores today.

Kinetic Cafe Launches Kinetic Commerce Westfield World Trade Center

Kinetic Cafe Launches Kinetic Commerce Westfield World Trade Center

Grégoire Baret, Senior Director of Omnichannel Experience at Aldo adds, “Today, following extensive customer-centric research and time spent in the field with our sales associates, many experts from The Aldo Group and with the strong support of Kinetic Cafe’s Retail Innovation Lab, we are proud to say the Westfield World Trade Center store will be among the most advanced Aldo stores in the world. We’ve co-created something we’re thrilled to launch. All of our teams have collaborated together to imagine, design and create a store that will transform and elevate the Aldo brand experience.”

Kinetic Cafe’s Retail Innovation Lab works with retailers to conceptualize, design, prototype, test and commercialize cutting-edge retail environments and experiences. Its team has expertise in mobile commerce, connected stores and associate mobility solutions.

With today’s launch of its SaaS-based KINETIC COMMERCE technology platform the company is announcing it will now work directly with global retailers to translate the lab’s groundbreaking prototypes and designs into full enterprise scale solutions across store portfolios.

The KINETIC COMMERCE Platform already powers Aldo Connected Stores throughout North America, and is now also delivering today’s state-of-the-art omnichannel retail experience at this highly anticipated New York City retail center.

Customers at Aldo’s World Trade Center location will now be able to use their iPhones to unlock a series of experiences to make shopping more personalized, faster, more informed and meaningful. They can use their own device to:

  • Instantly check for current in-store availability based on style, size, color and key silhouettes
  • Connect products in their hand to digital lifestyle content for fashion inspiration and recommendations
  • Request try-ons from sales associates

To provide each customer with a seamless shopping experience between web and physical stores, each online shopping cart and wish list syncs with the mobile app.

The store features iPads and “Endless Shelf” screens that allow customers to unlock these experiences together without the use of personal mobile devices.

Kinetic Cafe Launches Kinetic Commerce Westfield World Trade Center

“Throughout the co-creation process, our customers and associates were clear in their most important needs and desires,” says Grégoire Baret. “Customers want more autonomy and contextualization in their shopping experience. We are answering those expectations by leveraging ecommerce and mobile as being part of the customer journey, from devices to stores, or the other way around. We’re arming our customers with technology from Kinetic Cafe to take fast advantage of what has quickly moved from a trend to the dominant demand for a new, seamless, location-specific shopping experience powered by mobile.”

“Unifying the physical and digital retail experiences brings new life to stores,” says Dougherty. “The Aldo Connected Store at Westfield World Trade Center combines the tactility and immediacy of physical retail with the speed, intelligence and personalization of the online experience. That’s where retailers new and old need to focus their attention and quickly–before the new customer passes them by.”

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