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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries – After Just 72 Days, Kim Files for Divorce.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Well that didn’t last long, did it?? After just 72 days Kim Kardashian filed for divorce quoting irreconcilable differences between them, and quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me much. Back on 22nd August I had a look at their composite chart (below) and there did seem to be a lot of problems associated with it. So it has proved. I went on to write the following assessment…


On the Composite chart, which shows a combination look at the couple as a pair and how they will relate to each other, we see more difficulty. There is a very stressful opposition from Venus up to a Sun Mercury & Neptune conjunction. Sun Mercury and Neptune is very idealistic and sensitive, but is also rather delusionary and deceptive. It does suggest that their communication will get better as the relationship develops, but the chance of ultimate disappointment is definitely there. The ideals and hopes at the start tend to be too high, and when reality does set in, you are let down in a big way.

Depending on Kris’ birth time, there may be a Sun Moon opposition. This creates great attraction between the two but also competition and a sense that something is not quite right, there is an imbalance between the two personalities which causes tension. Now this Venus Neptune Sun Mercury opposition makes a wedge with Saturn and Pluto at the point. Saturn and Pluto in a composite chart shows they two will have difficult times together and that staying together will be a struggle, but these difficulties will come from the outside world. Either you fight to keep the relationship stronger, and in a way this benefits both of you in the long term bringing you together as one force against the world, or you give in and split. Some succeed with this conjunction but many often fail. This shows how much you do love each other and how you cope with adversity as a couple.

Uranus and Jupiter together in conjunction shows that the two of them will need room to breath within the relationship, being stuck under the same roof for days on end will not suit them. In their present situation, it may be fine as they have many outside commitments but in the future? This aspect will allow them to grow and have unusual experiences especially in travel that will benefit each other.

Finally the composite Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto. This is rather nasty as both Kim and Kris will be working at cross purposes to each other. At best they will tend to get in each others way, at worst the relationship can turn into a battlefield as one will want to do one thing and the other will want to do something else. In a sexual sense, they will have differing emotional moods creating potential tension in the bedroom. Tension will exist between the two and with Mars square to Pluto, this could eventually turn spiteful. Mars and Pluto is very competitively intense, with physical and psychological battles. Both Kim and Kris will need the space I mentioned before, without which this relationship could turn into a full scale war.

I hope they find happiness, but I fear over time that the differences and tensions between them may become too hard to bare. Certainly if I were advising them, I would tell them to be tolerant of each other, to give each other plenty of room and to try and find interests that they both enjoy doing. Find some sort of common ground that they can gravitate to in the difficult moments that will come from such a high profile marriage.

KrisHumphriesKimKardas transits

So what has gone wrong astrologically? Well looking at the current transits to the composite chat, I can see the reasons immediately. Notice the composite Nodal axis and the transiting Nodal axis. It tells you all you need to know. The transiting South Node is almost upon the composite Moon (the Nodes move clockwise around the chart) showing that this is a bad time emotionally for them. The killer blows however are transiting Pluto which is conjunct the composite South Node, squared by transiting Uranus. Transiting Neptune is also trine to  the 8th house Saturn/Pluto conjunction, bringing confusion and disintegration to an already difficult placement. Neptune dissolves and rather than sticking together and fighting as I suggested they should, they drifted apart.

Another good pay day for the Los Angeles lawyers it seems lies ahead, and I suppose it does keep Kim in the news. As for Kris, it’s bad times and rather expensive too, unless he gets the $2 million dollar wedding ring back. As it is, the NBA is still on strike, and supposedly he will not be being paid for a while to come. Don’t you just feel sort of depressed when you hear these type of stories? I guess it’s just another normal day in Hollywood……

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