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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Marry in California. Will It Be Happy Ever After?

Posted on the 22 August 2011 by Solarisastro @solarisastro


As celebrity weddings go, this was rather a big one. Kim Kardashian at the weekend married basketball star Kris Humphries in a ceremony held in Montecito, California. How do these two get on? Will their married last the test of time? Lets have a look at the astrology to find out…

Kim was born on 21st October 1980 in Los Angeles at 10.46am. She is a very sociable Sun Libra with a very sensitive Pisces Moon and a party loving Sagittarian Ascendant. Her Sun and Moon combination make her want to please others, she will be very gentle, will love romance and sincerity but she will be very impressionable. Kim’s mind is very intuitive, and she will detect very quickly when someone is being insincere to her. She will be a very self sufficient girl with most of the planets on the Eastern hemisphere (left) of the chart.

KimKardashian natal

Her Sun is conjunction with Pluto so she has huge plans and a need to be recognised or be someone special; she also likes to be in control of her life. Being a Sun Libra, harmony and equality will be most important to Kim, she will fight if she feels any type of injustice. She will have a quick flexible brain, and she will become impatient with those slower than her; she may be a bit of a whizz with technical things like gadgets and computers and she may be interested in astrology. She will love animals of all sorts and may be quite talented in making things with her hands, from art to pottery or sculpture. This is a girl who needs constant excitement and mental stimulation in a relationship otherwise she will go off to find it elsewhere. The Uranus Mercury conjunction in Scorpio makes a trine to the sensitive Pisces Moon, making her excitable, unpredictable and a little wild with a spontaneous sense of fun and an outrageous sense of humour.

This Moon anchors the chart; her emotions and imagination will be extremely important to her well-being. The Moon is opposite Venus Saturn and Jupiter. This is a very powerful set of oppositions. It does suggest that she will suffer emotionally in her life, her emotions are at odds with her need for love and companionship, she will be uncertain exactly what she wants from a personal relationship. The Saturn Moon opposition says of a difficult mother/daughter relationship. They were obviously at odds with each other, and Kim would have felt the criticism and hurt from her intensely. She will be constantly battling the demons from her past and she will strive to prove her doubting mother wrong. Luckily for Kim, Jupiter sits conjunct to Saturn in the 10th house on her Midheaven conjunct to Venus in the 9th house. Venus conjunct the Midheaven often bestows model looks and Kim has used them to project her public image around the globe, her career has been carved around her image.

She is a hard working girl (Mars sextile Saturn), loves beauty and and may be creative in this field (Mercury sextile Venus) and will look endlessly for that perfect dream love (Neptune square Venus). Neptune in the first house close to the ascendant does encourage escapism – would she marry to escape all the insecurities she has felt in her life? Has she found the right guy? Lets look at Kris Humphries, her new husband.

Kris was born on 6th February 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. Unfortunately I have not found a birth time for him. Does anyone know it? Please email me if you do. So he is a Sun Sign Aquarius with either a Leo or Virgo Moon. If Kris was born before 07.00 then he has a Leo Moon, otherwise the Moon is in Virgo. Emotionally it makes a huge difference. The Leo Moon loves the limelight, wants to be special and is just a little proud, stubborn and overbearing. The Virgo Moon is self-critical, a rather shy, perfectionist and a bit of a worrier. Those with Virgo Moons do have quick reactions and have good common sense. If I were to hazard a guess, it needs a big personality to accompany the showbiz caravan which surrounds Kim, so I would lean towards a Leo Moon, although a Virgo one would suit her gentle Pisces emotions far better.


Kris’ Moon potentially squares his Saturn, so like Kim, he may have had a difficult relationship with his mother. We find Saturn also in rather a wide conjunction to the  North Node if anything increasing the effect. Maybe this common factor was one that brought them together? The Moon is trine to Neptune, so Kris will have a soft impressionable heart, and he will sacrifice everything to make sure that harmony is kept in his emotional life. He will not like upsets and turmoil. Both Mars and Venus are in go ahead Aries, so in love Kris will be a no nonsense type of guy. He will be have been looking for his dream girl (Venus square Neptune) and he will want to live out his dreams and fantasies (Mars square Neptune). In Kim, he seems to have found all of these things. He would have been the one to make the first move; Venus  conjunct Mars is always pushy in love, but if there are problems, he will be the one to move on first. He will not want to fight and battle as I explained earlier.

Kris will value loyalty highly (Venus trine Saturn) and he will work hard to make this relationship work (Mars trine Saturn). He will be rather self protective and a bit secretive with his Saturn in Scorpio. Letting others into his private world is difficult for him, he may rather fear deep emotional intimacy.

Kris is a bit of an perpetual student, always wanting to know and learn more; he will have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He may as he gets older have a desire to teach or instruct those younger than himself; a potential basketball coach of the future perhaps? Jupiter and Mercury are both in Aquarius like the Sun so he will without doubt be a progressive thinker and planner as well as fiercely independent. Pluto makes a square to this conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury. His mind will always be looking for the motives under the surface, the mind of the detective. He needs to be careful of this, as one can start suspecting things that are not true, jealousy and paranoia are possible with Mercury square Pluto. Pluto square Jupiter is very lucky, quite often people with this aspect literally attract money and prestige without trying too hard. Kris will be an opportunistic type of guy, ready to seize upon any good ideas that come his way. He certainly was opportunistic when Kim came along, wasn’t he?

Now, let’s look at the synastry chart. The synopsis is not too bad. The one stand out aspect for me is that Kris’ Aquarian Sun conjuncts with Kim’s South Node. There will be a karmic connection between them, almost as if they have known each other all of their lives. Some say that people with this connection did meet in a previous life and have issues still to settle in this one. Kim’s Moon connects nicely with Kris’ Venus and Mars which shows good friendship and Kris’ Jupiter makes a trine to Kim’s Jupiter and Midheaven and squares her Sun bringing fortune and public awareness to them both. Kris’ Pluto is in wide conjunction with Kim’s Sun, so he may overpower and control her and her Neptune is square his Neptune which can be a bit depressing. His Mercury is square to her Sun so he may say hurtful things to hit her pride along the way. Her Saturn does oppose his Mars and Venus – this could be a tad tricky if she is in a bad mood as she may put the brakes on. When he wants to go, she will say stop, in both an emotional and a physical sense.

KimKardashian synastry

They are not perfect in a synastry sense although I have seen far worse. There is not really good line of communication which I always like to see. Mercury in both charts are in fixed signs, so I fear a stand off if there are problems. The Saturn opposite Venus Mars could cause problems.

On the Composite chart, which shows a combination look at the couple as a pair and how they will relate to each other, we see more difficulty. There is a very stressful opposition from Venus up to a Sun Mercury & Neptune conjunction. Sun Mercury and Neptune is very idealistic and sensitive, but is also rather delusionary and deceptive. It does suggest that their communication will get better as the relationship develops, but the chance of ultimate disappointment is definitely there. The ideals and hopes at the start tend to be too high, and when reality does set in, you are let down in a big way.

Depending on Kris’ birth time, there may be a Sun Moon opposition. This creates great attraction between the two but also competition and a sense that something is not quite right, there is an imbalance between the two personalities which causes tension. Now this Venus Neptune Sun Mercury opposition makes a wedge with Saturn and Pluto at the point. Saturn and Pluto in a composite chart shows they two will have difficult times together and that staying together will be a struggle, but these difficulties will come from the outside world. Either you fight to keep the relationship stronger, and in a way this benefits both of you in the long term bringing you together as one force against the world, or you give in and split. Some succeed with this conjunction but many often fail. This shows how much you do love each other and how you cope with adversity as a couple.

Uranus and Jupiter together in conjunction shows that the two of them will need room to breath within the relationship, being stuck under the same roof for days on end will not suit them. In their present situation, it may be fine as they have many outside commitments but in the future? This aspect will allow them to grow and have unusual experiences especially in travel that will benefit each other.


Finally the composite Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto. This is rather nasty as both Kim and Kris will be working at cross purposes to each other. At best they will tend to get in each others way, at worst the relationship can turn into a battlefield as one will want to do one thing and the other will want to do something else. In a sexual sense, they will have differing emotional moods creating potential tension in the bedroom. Tension will exist between the two and with Mars square to Pluto, this could eventually turn spiteful. Mars and Pluto is very competitively intense, with physical and psychological battles. Both Kim and Kris will need the space I mentioned before, without which this relationship could turn into a full scale war.

I hope they find happiness, but I fear over time that the differences and tensions between them may become too hard to bare. Certainly if I were advising them, I would tell them to be tolerant of each other, to give each other plenty of room and to try and find interests that they both enjoy doing. Find some sort of common ground that they can gravitate to in the difficult moments that will come from such a high profile marriage.  

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