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Kicksta Review: An All-in-One Platform to Get Real Instagram Followers

Posted on the 08 April 2020 by Rahulthepcl

There must have been a lot of instances when you would have tried to make your audience grow by trying to increase your social media followers. However, the task only seems to be easy, but to make it happen in reality is a challenging task, and not everyone manages to do it. A lot of brands, celebrities, people, etc. go unnoticed despite performing well due to their lack of fan following and user base on social media. That is when tools such as Kicksta kick in and make things easier and better for their users.

Kicksta is a service that uses artificial intelligence to help you engage with a real audience and not bots because those bots will only be a blot on your account if they're stagnant. Kicksta started rolling out its services to different groups of people and brands and has become a favorite in a short period.

However, Kicksta does not make false promises to its users, and hence the users are completely aware of what they are doing. Kicksta does not grow the followers, but only helps the brands reach to their users.

This is a great question and a valid one too that the users need to have an answer to. There are many tools and websites which are helping their users to grow their Instagram followers and become micro-influencers.

But Kicksta is doing things differently because the followers you gain from Kicksta's services are real and authentic. Kicksta does not use bots to randomly open up your profile to fake accounts and let you live under an illusion of false followers. Instead, Kicksta allows the real users to select and choose if they want to show their interest in your brand or not. This is one of the reasons why Kicksta does not promise the number of followers that it will increase.

Kicksta comes with a lot of features, which will help the users who have decided to take the services of Kicksta in improving their presence on the image-based platform of Instagram.

While making your profile available to the public, many tools of this kind will expose you to unnecessary spamming. However, since Kicksta is well known for its security and safety, it does not let the spammers spam your profile and make the experience for your core users terrible. Due to this excellent and essential feature, the existing users and followers don't leave your brand citing lousy expertise. That gives stability to your user base.

This subscription is available for $49 per month for a single user. Under this subscription, you will get access to the basic features such as meeting targets and steady growth rates. However, the characteristics of blacklisting and advanced targetting won't be available to such users.

Under the Premium subscription, the users are entitled to every feature under the standard subscription. This also includes other features such as email support and live chat support, along with blacklisting for spammers. It costs $99 per month for a single user. Also, the targeting rates enhance, and the growth rates reach to the peak levels under this subscription.

This was a comprehensive review of Kicksta, which will help you to grow your brand and user base on Instagram. The followers are genuine, and the services are up to the mark and highly secure, based on the real-time reviews of the clients.

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