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Kicking It Korean Style in Portland

By Theplaceswevebeen @petenewbury

Moving from Korea didn’t necessarily mean we would have to give up our Korean lifestyle. Most major cities in North America have some of the foods and other things you would have in Seoul. While we were in Portland we managed to dive a little into our Korean side.

Kicking it Korean Style in Portland

There are a couple of places in downtown Portland where you can choose from a variety of food trucks to eat from. One of these trucks offers a bit of Korean fusion food. At Boolkogi Taco, they take the sweet tasting bulgogi beef and put it in, you guessed it..tacos.

Kicking it Korean Style in Portland

They were small, but quite tasty. Two tacos and a soft drink was $6. Not bad for lunch.

Another Korean activity we enjoyed while living in Seoul was karaoke. Karaoke in Seoul consists of renting  a private room for you and your friends. Voicebox in Portland also offers private rooms.

Kicking it Korean Style in Portland

Once in the room, the process is pretty simple.

Kicking it Korean Style in Portland

First, you choose a song from one of the song books.

Kicking it Korean Style in Portland

Next, belt it out for your friends listening satisfaction.

It’s nice to know that moving from Seoul doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to Korean culture for good. Korean culture can be found in most major cities in North America. It was nice to have experienced some of it in Portland.

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