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Kelly to Win the Social Media 2013 Award? What’s This? Does She Have What It Takes to Win?

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless

Not really I made the title up but look what happens and why SPEECH TO TEXT should never be used! Highlighted are words I never used (and some of those I don’t know the meaning to, and instead of fixing it I decided to correct myself with the notion that it really was a mistake.


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NO MATTER WHAT PHONE YOU HAVE OR IF YOU USE APPLE OR ANDROID….SPEECH TO TEXT IS NOT EXISTENT WITH OUTCOME AND SUCCESS. (image is not real and very loser to use for public posting as an adult. In this case you would have  to be someone who gave a shit for that to matter.)


The words not highlighted I did say just not together…. but am assuming I said the non-highlighted words in some variation at some point maybe just not in that order.

if that link doesn’t work let me know by the way this image about Israel. Just kidding I can’t believe I even put it here but since it’s a photo editor that I used with Android it kind of desensitize is the car mats in full lutherie aspect. By the way maybe it isn’t real maybe that isn’t lol by the way for a while I’ve been getting comments an email request saying or asking why I’m not on tumblr? And the answer was always either I’m too fucking old to be on tumblr or I don’t know I’m just not sure about tumblr and extending my already self inflicted job to the more lies and behavior read my persona. But deciding that the tumblr application not service maybe but application is way better than this application for work press I decided well there’s no reason why I can’t just have a tumblr page. slash Kelly speechless check it out I haven’t releasedany good material worthy of a to spotlight lately. take note I think I’m going to plan a self imageinflicted or self story to get some Beuys but I don’t know what story to put? Somebody already got my name in search engines SMP’s passed away, 30 something well that’s me with a fake picture but I wasn’t 30, so I don’t know what to say should I say something like Kelly wants to be Kelly speechless topped number 1 social media expert of 2013 bye. …I think ima make a plan to give myself some fake award? breaking news hmm I don’t know we’ll all have to think about that you have any suggestions for the fake water should give myself and write a headline for and insert other sources I have to make this has 1 let me know oh by the way if wikipedia is listening you’ve got to put me on your page I don’t have the balls to submit myself. Okay I lied I have the balls but it looks like it takes way too much time you guys are Wikipedia you would make it look like an art piece I would make it look like funky junction.

I really was writing about joining tumblr and did not want to be the one who was the 28 year old bitch if tumblr is more 16-21 crowd….above speech to text made that….

Kelly to win the social media 2013 award? What’s this? Does she have what it takes to win?

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