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KeKe Palmer The #1 Thing Her Parents Taught Her Was Faith

By Firstladyb

Actress and singer, KeKe Palmer shared with fans on FB the reason why she is in the entertainment business.  The new author  was having a  conversation with her fans on Facebook, Live this week about her upcoming book, I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice, and revealed to fans that she is in the entertainment business because her parents believe in God, KeKe went on to say, that the #1 thing her parents taught her was faith.

KeKe Palmer

The reason why I’m in the entertainment business is because my parents believe in God. Honestly. My parents believed in God so much that they saw Him in my eyes and they decided to drive four days and three nights to California to help me pursue my dreams. They believed that if what they felt was true and I was able to succeed, in whatever fashion that meant, it would be a testimony to other people that they could be whatever they want to be because God is real. God will carry you if you’re coming from a true place.”

“I come from a poor community. My daddy drew his pension in order for me to be able to pursue my dreams. I actually came to California, drove four days and three nights and at 22, 23 years old I’m still in the industry and I have a book to write the testimony about all of it? Guys, God is real. And that’s why to this day I’m so grateful to my parents because that’s the number one thing they taught me: faith…”


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