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Keep Your Pet Safe with an Electric Dog Fence

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

You might be a little skeptical about installing an electric fence around your property as a way to ensure the safety of your pet.  After all, if he tests it, he’s going to get shocked, which doesn’t sound safe at all.  And yet, the advantages to this type of system are overwhelming when compared to the potential drawbacks.  For one thing, the level of electricity isn’t enough to do your pet actual harm (it’s sort of like a person getting tasered; it hurts, but it doesn’t cause lasting damage).  And most dog containment systems allow you some latitude in setting the level of the shock (especially if it is one of the invisible fence varieties that rely on a shock collar and a transmitter).  As long as the fencing is approved for use with dogs, you can be certain that it is safe (and you can always try it on yourself first).  But if you’re still on the fence (so to speak) here are a few good reasons to consider going electric.

  1. Keeps dogs in.  Nobody likes an electric shock.  If you’ve ever received one from an outlet, you know that it’s not very comfortable.  By arranging a hidden wire (it is buried) around the perimeter of your yard and placing the wireless shock collar on your pet (so that he is shocked when he comes too close to the wire), you can ensure that he learns to stay within the boundaries of your yard and safely out of traffic or other trouble.
  2. Easy to train.  Almost any dog can learn to use this system of containment (blind or deaf dogs would be the notable exceptions).  All you have to do is teach your pet that the beep from the collar precedes a shock.  When he gets close to the fence, he’ll hear the beep, and if he continues on he’ll get a shock.  Unless your dog is impaired in some way, he’ll learn very quickly to veer off when he hears the beep, even if there’s a cat on the other side.
  3. Jumping and digging aren’t a problem.  Your dog will never get close enough to the fence to jump over it or tunnel his way out.  That’s the beauty of the wireless system; it not only keeps him in, but effectively stops him from ever getting near the fence-line in the first place.
  4. Allows for more freedom.  An animal that’s pent up in the house or kept in a crate all day is only living half a life.  Once you’ve trained your pet with the electric fence, you can let him roam the yard all day while you’re at work, giving him the relative freedom from captivity that he not only deserves, but desperately needs.  Animals are meant to be active, so don’t do your dog the disservice of cooping him up in the house all day while you’re gone.  Get an electric fence so that you can leave him outside without worrying that he’ll run away.
  5. Less expensive than building a fence.  Regardless of the size of your property, it’s going to cost you less to install an electric fence than it is to erect the traditional kind.  Even chain link can set you back several hundred dollars and it won’t stop your dog from digging a hole and getting out.  Electric fencing is not only cheaper; it will deliver better results in terms of keeping your dog within the relative safety of your own backyard.

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By DogFenceChick
posted on 01 November at 23:43
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I could not agree more with this post! You pointed out the benefits of an electric dog fence perfectly. I have a diy electric dog fence and I absolutely love what it's done for my two dogs.