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Keep Stylish // January Fitness Fashion for 2016

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
fitness fashion style 2016
It just wouldn't be January without a customary workout fashion post - would it?! I love working out but I love having fun with my workout gear style. Above are three of the most common areas for people to get into in terms of fitness in January, so whether you're a newbie to fitness or or just looking for ultimate workout style there is something for everyone above. 
Let's have a look into the different looks and how they can work in your January fitness...
// Gym Bunny
Leggings - Rapha ≠ Liberty Leggings // Bag Nike Gym Metallic Bag // Vest New Look Must Go To The Gym Vest // Top Laain Stretch Hooded Top // Sweatbands Nike Pink Sweatbands // Watch Huawei Classic Smartwatch
The most common fitness related thing is the gym. Loads of us join the gym in January or up our foot fall in the gym, so a basic gym outfit is always a safe bet. I never really used the gym but started breaking up my outdoor runs with classic gym sessions. You can do such a variety in the gym, from cardio to weights and not just in the bog standard form, these days there are so many areas to make your workout interesting. For this look we have the needed holdall gym bag, because chances are you'll be doing your gym workout before or after work maybe and will want a shower... so why not make your bag stylish with this one from! 
Thrown in this fun vest from New Look with the words 'must go to the gym', rather fitting I'm sure you'll agree! Last but not least of my top 3 faves on this look is of course the Huawei smartwatch. I went to Milan Fashion Week for the launch of this piece of technology and I absolutely love it.  It's a watch that is obviously touch screen but it also monitors how much exercise you're doing by linking up with your phone. It's so clever how it knows exactly how much you've done, what you've done and how many calories you've burnt! I also love the fact it doesn't look like these fit trackers I'm seeing everywhere, it's a really elegant watch but does exactly the same (if not more) than a fitness tracker. It's good to wear not just when you're subconsciously doing exercise, for example you're wearing your watch shopping or when you go to meet your friend for a coffee - it tracks all those steps and activities too. Genius!
//Yoga NutTop New Look Grey Fine Knit Yoga Hoodie // Socks Sweaty Betty Pilates Socks // Leggings Adidas By Stella McCartney Studio Print // Bag Montreal London Palm Warrior Bag // Mat No Ka 'Oi Yoga Mat
Yoga is something I swear to myself I will really focus on, however life has got in the way each time. To be honest I'd much rather run it out than do yoga, but perhaps I should take it far more seriously this year. I love a yoga outfit because it's often a look that is fun and comfortable, it can actually double up as lounge wear too. I spotted these Stella McCartney leggings whilst at Adidas HQ before doing the Berlin marathon. It took me a good while to select which leggings were coming home with me, I did pick some ridiculously bright blue ones in the end but these pink ones were next on my list.
Keeping the theme bright I have added this amazing Monreal London printed barrel bag and my personal faves, Sweaty Betty yoga and pilates socks. I love these socks because they do help with grip when you find yourself in a position where your leg is over your head, you're balancing on your head and you have one hand holding you up... okay perhaps not those extreme moves, but these bad boys will certainly help your grip in other positions! 
// Runner BeanLeggings - North Face Pulse Capris // Top Sweaty Betty Too Cool To Sweat // Sports Bra Shock Absorber Multi Way Bra // Bag Rapha Black Rucksack // Trainers New Balance Zante Fresh Foam
A lot of people have booked running challenges for 2016 so this is a big hit for January. I actually think I've seen more people out running since the 1st January than I have in a while! You can always spot a newbie because everything they own is super crisp and bright, mine on the other hand is rather old and needs some revamping - hence why this has made it into my picks January. 
I run in Adidas Ultraboost these days but I absolutely love New Balance Zante Fresh Foams, they are great for all round fitness activities but still very good for running too. I know I've not put one on each picture but the sports bra from Shock Absorber is the ideal partner for running, personally that is the only brand I wear to run in because they are so supportive. I do use other brands for other exercises but for running - that's the one! 
Wouldn't be a top picks without jazzy leggings would it?! Who knew North Face do fitness gear?! Maybe I have totally missed it but I am very happy to discover they do! These capris are ideal for those jogs or Saturday morning ParkRuns! Lastly I love my rucksacks and fell head over heels in love with this Rapha bag. These style bags are the best answer if you're forever carrying a lot with you, as the weight is spread evenly across your back. Huge fan of Rapha for their cycle gear so this bag is great for those days when you're going elsewhere for a run like ParkRun, or maybe you're running into work, or maybe you just need a rucksack for your workout adventures either way it's a great size and very well made! 
// January Motivation
It's the first month of the new year. Whatever your goal is fitness wise just remember to have fun with it! A lot of people don't care what they wear to train in, but for me if I look good, I truly feel good... and a little fitness fashion fun really doesn't hurt anyone! What is your January must-have item?

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