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Kate Middleton – from Knee High Boots to Stylish Hats, an Icon in the Making!

By Fashionistafever @Fashionistafeve

Kate Middleton – from Knee High Boots to Stylish Hats, an Icon in the Making!

Having recently celebrated her birthday, Kate Middleton was once again in the spotlight so I’ve decided to have a complete look at her fashion style history.

As you all know, Kate Middleton married one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet who is the future King of England. But not only this, the lovely lady has to follow in the footsteps of one of the most beautiful fashion icons the British Royals ever knew, in the gorgeous form of Princess Diana. She set a precedent that takes a lot to beat. But the duchess certainly appears to be establishing herself a gorgeous look and style that’s very uniquely ‘her own’. These days Kate Middleton knee high boots are pictured in virtually every fashion magazine around, which is hardly surprising because she makes them look so incredibly stylish!

Kate Middleton knee high boots

Kate Middleton Ankle Boots

Constantly in the Limelight – Vogue’s Katepedia

As with most ladies who’re constantly in the limelight, Kate Middleton does not always get it right – there have been some fashion disasters.


But on the whole, whenever she appears in public, whether it’s for a formal function or a casual day out with her sister, one aspect of her look is how well she manages to use colours to convey her mood.

Kate Middleton Casual Style

kate middleton pastel colours

Very much like her Majesty the Queen, Kate knows how to choose pastel colours with the perfect hat for an occasion and when a more vibrant color is needed, her choice is usually spot on too. There’s a great selection of Kate Middleton dresses to be seen both in hard copy magazines and online.

The Duchess also knows how to wear boots whether long or ankle boots and she looks brilliant. In fact, it would be fair to say that Kate knows how to catch people’s attention by dressing stylishly from head to foot.



February’s issue of British Vogue has even started a multi-page on the Duchess called ‘Katepedia’ –  proving just how much of a fashion icon she is fast becoming.

For Royal occasions, the Duchess has her favorite designers. Her outfits both for the evening and daytime wear, are well chosen and fit her like a glove. Kate’s a lucky lady with a wonderful figure that makes evening gowns sit beautifully on her – she’s a fashion designer’s perfect model. When it comes to cocktail dresses, the duchess shows a lot of flair and style that many fashionistas in the world love to emulate.




Kate+Middleton+Purple and White Dress

Kate Middleton White Dress





Kate Middleton Red Dress



When it comes to stylish Kate Middleton dresses, her followers are spoilt for choice. The Duchess is constantly photographed in an array of beautiful outfits and she wears them all so well. From dresses with long chiffon sleeves to heavier tartan outfits like the one she recently played hockey in when visiting a school. Kate Middleton sets her own unique look so elegantly and dress designs she favours are ones that accentuate her tiny waist.

Kate’s Wonderful Casual Street Look

The Duchess has bought her wonderful casual ‘street look’ into the limelight in a big way. This great look has seen her become one of the most photographed women in the world today. Her sister, Pippa is not far behind in the fashion stakes either – both girls love to wear ankle and knee high boots during the day and the evening too which has definitely started a trend. Of course, being in the limelight whether it’s for an official Royal function or for a more casual day out, means having to look at one’s best all of the time, which can’t be easy.

However, Kate Middleton seems to have got it just right, it’s not often a so called ‘bad’ photo of her appears either in the press or online. With this said there have been a few ‘faux pas’, one of which happened last year during a visit to the Solomon Islands. The Duchess wore the wrong dress!

Kate Wrong Dress

She accidentally wore a dress offered to her when she was on the Cook Islands instead of one she had been gifted by the people of the Solomon Islands. It all happened during the Diamond Jubilee Tour and although the error upset a few people, the Duchess nonetheless looked stunning. The Prince, her husband made a similar mistake, so all was forgiven.

A Stunning Lady With a Wonderful Figure

Kate Middleton is stunning with a figure that most women would die for. She has an easy, casual way about her whether wearing evening gowns, cocktail dresses or casual clothes. She has definitely created her own unique ‘look’ that many other women love to copy. The Duchess has style from her head right down to her toes, and loves to wear stylishly fun hats.


Kate Middleton Stylish Hat


kate middletons hat

Kate Middleton Black Hat


Kate Middleton White Hat

Kate Middleton Red Hat

Kate Middleton Stylish Hat


She is well known for her Kate Middleton knee high boots – with lots of women copying her look.

Kate Middleton Shopping at Zara

It’s pretty hard to fill the boots of a fashion icon but the Duchess does is with ease. Since her Royal wedding which was not that very long ago, Kate Middleton has been thrown in front of the cameras like never before and she’s coping supremely well. Even when, on the odd occasion, photos of her have not been welcomed at all, she handles things with grace and style.

The great thing about her fashion style is it is an easy one to copy!

This is why so many women love to follow what the Duchess is wearing for major outings or for more casual days out with the family and friends. Kate Middleton has raised the bar when it comes to ‘Royal’ style and she has done this with an elegant ease  – even if she was not married to the future King of England, it has to be said Kate Middleton is one lady that stands out in a crowd.


Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.

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