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Kansas City Chiefs Decide To Keep Romeo Crennel as Head Coach in 2012: Why It's The Right Choice

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Kansas City Chiefs Decide To Keep Romeo Crennel as Head Coach in 2012: Why It's The Right Choice

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- Troy Ballard

The Kansas City Chiefs promoted defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to interim-head coach after the firing of Todd Haley, and following an impressive conclusion to the season, Cornell is reportedly going to get a full-time gig as head coach in KC.
After being doomed with a laundry-list of poorly timed injuries to key players, the Chiefs were essentially eliminated from the playoffs, but once Crennel was promoted, Kansas City played with serious purpose. Maybe the Chiefs organization was impressed that Crennel led the Chiefs to an improbable win at home against the undefeated Green Bay Packers, or that his players loved him as head coach, but either way he is getting another shot at head coach in the NFL.
For those who are quick to forget, Crennel had a head coaching job before in the NFL, with the Cleveland Browns. The defensive-minded coach lasted three years in Cleveland, but ended up being fired after failing to lead the Browns towards any notable improvement. After being axed, he accepted the defensive coordinator job in Kansas City.
Some will ask the valid question of, did Crennel do enough in three games to prove he is worthy of a head coaching position?
The blunt answer is really no, he didn't. Crennel only stepped in for the final three games of the regular season and he was able to lead Kansas City to two wins. One of course coming against the undefeated Packers, and the other on the road against the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs, despite the killer amount of injuries, did play well in each of the three games, however.
During Crennel's brief tenure as head coach, it was obvious that the Chiefs players wanted to play for him. The entire team was on board, played tough, and looked sharp, even though the team had already been eliminated from the playoffs. KC was playing for pride, and for Crennel to get the job next year.
Not to mention that the amount of coaching talent aside from Crennel that is currently available in the NFL could best be labeled as 'thin,' and it's possible the Chiefs could have had some difficulty finding a suitable replacement. Kansas City likely would have looked to promote from the inside first anyway, and Crennel would have been the best bet.
The Chiefs may have taken a step-back this season, but with a full and healthy roster, and a new coach, anything is possible.
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