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Kandarappam |sweet Appam Recipe | Festival Recipe

By Foodybuddy @FoodyBuddy

KANDARAPPAM |SWEET APPAM RECIPE | FESTIVAL RECIPE           Kandarappam is a deep fried sweet pancake made with rice, dhal, cardamom, jaggery and coconut. This is a traditional Chettinadu sweet dish made for all festival occasions. Here I used palm jaggery for sweetness. Appam really taste good when it is served hot, it is crispy on outside and sponge on inside. Also it tastes good on next day. Try this delicious sweet and here is the recipe.
   1/2 Cup of Raw Rice
   1/4 Cup of Urad Dal
   3/4 Cup of Jaggery, I used Palm Jaggery (Karupaati)
         Pinch of Salt
   3 Tbsp of Grated Coconut
   2 Cardamom, Powdered
   3 Cups of Oil for Frying
  • Soak the rice and urad dal in water for 2 hrs. Drain the water and wash it in tap water for 2 times. Leave it aside.
  • Put it in a blender(mixie) and grind it to a fine, thick batter. Add cardamom, pinch of salt, jaggery and coconut, grind it for another 10 mins.
  • Transfer the batter to a bowl, the batter should be in dosa batter consistency.
  • Heat oil in a shallow pan, once it is hot, keep the flame in medium, slowly pour in spoonful of batter to the oil, when the appam rises to the top, turn it over, cook it for another 1 min and remove it from pan. Drain it in paper towel. It should be in brown color and got curled/wavy borders.
  • Make the remaining kandarappam in the same way and serve hot.
  • If your batter is watery, leave the batter in refrigerator for 30 mins and then start cooking.
  • Adjust the amount of sweetness according to your taste.
  • Always cook appam in a medium flame and fry one appam at a time to get a nice shape and taste.
  • If you are in diet, don't want to deep fry ? then you can cook the appam in non stick paniyaram pan with less oil, I tried with this batter, it tastes yummy.
    Health Benefits of Rice and Urad Dal         
  • Rice are rich in carbs, provides energy and good for brain.
  • Urad dal provides energy to the body.
  • Rich in protein.
  • Enhances digestion because of high in fiber content in dal.
  • Boost heart health because of high in magnesium level in dal.   

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