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Justin Welby – The Astrology of the New Archbishop of Canterbury

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

justin welby

Just a couple of days ago, Justin Welby was ordained as the latest Archbishop of Canterbury, taking over the post from Rowan Williams who has held the position since December 2002. Justin is the former Bishop of Durham and a rising star in ecclesiastical circles and yet he admitted that his nomination to the highest post in the Anglican church was a complete shock. He now takes over a church which has seen declining numbers attending to church as Britain becomes a more sceptical and secular society in general.

JustinWelby natal

Justin was born in London on 6th January 1956 (no birth time is known) so he has a Capricorn Sun and his Moon sits either in watery Scorpio or in egalitarian Libra. My bet is that this Moon is just into Scorpio in a very close conjunction with Neptune, the planet of spirituality. The Capricorn Sun brings Justin a modest yet ambitious streak, which with a Scorpio Moon he would not let on to; you know secretly I think he would have yearned for this promotion.

Whether his Moon is in either Scorpio or Libra, this is a tremendously fixed chart, with 7 or even 8 planets in fixed signs. Determined he may be, but he will lack flexibility. Once Justin’s mind is set on a course of action he will stick to it. This tells me that this Archbishop may have one or two fights on his hands during his time at the top of the church. People with fixed planets generally have to learn the hard way in life.

This chart is unusual as we have two peregrine planets here, Sun and Venus. Peregrine planets sit in the chart unaspected by a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square trine or opposition). The Sun in Capricorn is strict and conservative and Venus in Aquarius is very friendly, cool and intellectual and these qualities are amplified; not only the ambitious side of him but also the loving side too, I suspect that the “love of God” and the word “love” in general will become a trademark of his tenure of the post of Archbishop.  Both these planets make quindeciles to Uranus in Leo so we have huge compassion here and a very, very independent attitude. I can see Justin being a reformer, but his ideas and philosophies may not be to everybody’s tastes. The effect of Aquarius is to go against the grain, and this Uranus which is very self willed and egotistical in Leo and it has a lot of influence across this chart. My feeling is that his message may be quite hard line and strict in it’s adherence to the real meaning of the bible as he understands it, however the manner that it will be broadcasted will be progressive to fit in with a more modern society. 

Uranus makes a trine to a very powerful Saturn Mars conjunction in Scorpio. This conjunction is extremely hardworking and Justin will know that he will not achieve anything unless he toils night and day to achieve it. This man not only demands discipline from himself but also discipline from others under his charge too. I wonder how popular he will be with the other bishops in the Church of England? His nature seems to be very much at odds with his predecessor who was a very gentle, popular and philosophical man.

Mars Saturn in conjunction in Scorpio makes a square to a Leo Jupiter Pluto conjunction, another powerful aspect which very much highlights his successful career in heavy industry and the oil industry. Pluto rules resources under the ground and big companies, Mars rules engineering, Jupiter brings success, international links and good fortune and Saturn brings the link to career. This connection also has a separate meaning. Jupiter is the sign of faith and knowledge, and this connection brings power (Pluto), energy (Mars) and ambition (Saturn) within the church.

Pluto and Jupiter make a sextile to Neptune and the Moon in conjunction, a deep and very spiritual connection which is forgiving and highlights a need to learn the deeper meanings in faith and scripture. I think Justin will be a great scholar and reader of faith based articles and he will forever want to explore the reasons for his and other’s beliefs, and he will immerse himself in a search for the ultimate truth. This Neptune Moon conjunction really softens the personality and makes Justin very much a dreamer and a sensitive soul. He may look quite innocent on the outside but he’s strong on the inside, the type of love he preaches is love tinged with reality.

Finally I move onto the Uranus Mercury opposition squared by Neptune and the Moon. This t-square is very intellectual and sharp, and affect his style of communication. The Neptune Moon square to Mercury softens his voice and opens his mind, he will be a very progressive thinker and technologically I think he will be “tuned in”. I would not surprised if he used the internet in an attempt to bring younger people and believers back to the fold of the Anglican Church.

JustinWelby transits

Just look at the aspect on his natal chart as he was ordained. The triple conjunction of Mercury, Neptune and Mars opposed his Jupiter Pluto conjunction, made a trine to his Neptune and Moon, a square to Saturn and Mars and an inconjunct to Uranus activating all of the major formations on his chart. This shows a major shift and progression (Uranus) in his life in a spiritual sense (Mars/Neptune/Mercury opposite Jupiter), increases his personal power (Mars/Neptune/Mercury opposite Pluto) in a career manner (Mars/Neptune/Mercury square Saturn). Venus at the time was conjunct to Mercury activating his natal t-square and transiting Jupiter made a lucky trine to Mercury as well showing an announcement (Mercury) about faith (Jupiter) was due around this time, as well as a likely increase in his personal income (Venus).

One other interesting point of note. Transiting Saturn in now conjunct the fixed star Acrux, the brightest star in the constellation Crux, the Southern Cross. This is not normally a religious aspect, but I find it rather ironic that a Sun sign Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) should be anointed as one of the most powerful faith leaders on the planet while sitting conjunct the most powerful star in the constellation of the cross. You know, sometimes the signs from the heavens paint a picture far better and more accurately than anyone can imagine…

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