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Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby, Baby’: We Give You Five More Celebrities with Love Children

Posted on the 02 November 2011 by Periscope @periscopepost
Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby, baby’: We give you five more celebrities with love children

Never mind the angelic smile, Bieber could be a dad! Photo Credit:

“So tell me, tell me are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell?” sings teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber on 2010’s My World 2.0. But now that a 20-year-old California woman has filed a paternity suit against him, some are asking if the lyrics  should be changed to something a little more insalubrious.”Baby, baby, oh” indeed.
A paternity suit? That’s right, Maria Yeater has accused the 17-year-old Canadian star of fathering a child with her after he allegedly had post-gig sex with her last year, The Daily Telegraph reported. What’s more, according to Gawker, Yeater alleged that it was Biebs’s first time, he told her “I’m gonna f*** the s*** out of you”, and the whole affair only lasted 30 seconds.

Bieber’s lawyers are obviously denying the whole thing — they’ve called Yeater’s account “malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false” — and some kind of lengthy legal denouement looks likely. So to keep your appetites sated, we at The Periscope Post give you five more celebrities who have their very own love children:

Hugh Grant. Yes, the bumbling, boyish 51-year-old star of Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral is now a dad, following a “fleeting” affair with actress Tinglang Hong. Unlike Bieber, Grant has candidly admitted full responsibility, something that had Hugo Schwyzer at The Guardian calling him “a thoroughly modern man”. That’s not to say he won’t be “tested”, though — “His enthusiasm for his newborn must be matched by a financial commitment to care for the little girl, as well as the willingness to be involved in her upbringing,” Schwyzer opined.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. In what was one of the year’s most shocking stories, it emerged in May that the Austrian actor-cum-California Governor had fathered a child with his long-time housekeeper. The incident lead to Schwarzenegger divorcing his wife of 25 years, Maria Schriver. His love child, 13-year-old Joseph Baena, prompted media scrutiny this Halloween by dressing as one of Schwarzenegger’s characters, Conan the Barbarian.

Jude Law. The actor fathered his third child, Sophia, with US actress and model Samantha Burke in September of 2009. According to The New York Daily News, he only met his new progeny six months after her birth. The paper also reported that Law pays $5,000 a month to Burke for child support.

Prince Albert of Monaco. The year’s other Royal Wedding — that of Prince Albert and South African Olympic Swimmer Charlene Wittstock — was overshadowed by claims that the playboy prince had allegedly fathered a third illegitimate child. Princess Charlene needn’t worry though: Under Monaco’s constitution, no illegitimate child is allowed to take the throne.

Mel Gibson. In 2009, a Australian woman, Carmel Sloane, bizarrely claimed that she was, in fact Mel Gibson’s love child. The actor apparently fathered her back in 1976, when he was a worker at an orange juice factory near Adelaide and her mother was hitchhiking across the country. Then, in 2010, Gibson was reported to have verbally abused his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva as she nursed the child she fathered with him.

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