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JUST Words? TRUMP'S ACTIONS, NOT TALK: Multiple Victims Accuse Trump of Doing EXACTLY What He Said He Did

Posted on the 13 October 2016 by Doggone
On Sunday night during the 2nd Presidential debate, Pig-man DonnyTrump answered a direct question asked by Anderson Cooper, did he DO the things he said on the now infamous recording. 
Trump insisted, repeatedly those were "just words", never actions.
THAT appears to be a whopper of a lie, bigger than his big penis bragging, and as big as his big, foul mouth.
As Trump quoted fake emails to a rally, obtained from a highly suspect Russian source, more women have come forward to accuse him of sexual molestation.  Two claim he groped and kissed them; multiple contestants from his beauty pageants, both adult and teens who were as young as 15, have accused him of intruding on them naked and of kissing them repeatedly without consent. They describe his behavior as gross and as having made them feel violated.
And what makes this credible is that, per interviews with the BBC and the New York Times, those women told other people about what Trump did to them AT THE TIME.  The New York Times has done an excellent job of documenting other women Trump has allegedly harassed and sexually abused, in the manner he himself described
This negates the claims that Trump is making that these very diverse and unconnected women are somehow part of a conspiracy theory to discredit him.  Rather Trump discredits himself, not only by what he originally did (allegedly) to these women, but for the way he is treating his accusers.  He has been all over the media and rallies and debate claiming that Hillary Clinton was mean to Bill's accusers.  Accusers who were apparently liars, if you trust both sworn affidavits in court and the opinion at the time of Donald Trump who referred to one victim as an 'ugly loser' and liar.
When Trump held a press conference before the debate with these alleged Bill Clinton victims, it appeared to be a stratagem on his part, a sort of trap for Hillary.  This in spite of the fact that no one is accusing Hillary of being a sexual pervert and predator.  Hillary's reaction during the debate appears to have been patient amusement, as if she had expected that tactic.  She was clearly prepared, knowing what video existed of Trump being abusive of those accusers.  Too bad Trump apparently has such a poor memory that he did not remember, and such a deficient staff that they did not think to check his past statements.
That Trump "trap" seems only to have caught Trump himself. This does not argue well for a leader who hopes to outmaneuver foreign enemies, much less dazzle and win against the domestic opposition he faces.
Trump claims he is a victim, something that I find the most annoying aspect of conservatives generally - claiming they are a victim when they are far from it, and when too often they are the victimizers.
Trump has threatened to respond to any new people coming forward or additional recordings of his actual words and actions by digging up more dirt on Bill Clinton.  Apparently he doesn't get it that Bill Clinton is NOT running for president NOW, that Bill Clinton has kept his parts appropriately in his pants and his hands in his pockets for the past nearly 20 years, UNLIKE Trump.  And he has failed to notice that Bill was a popular president at the time and is still popular now, arguably more popular than Hillary (whether that is fair or not).
I find it sad and demonstrating a lack of insight that attacking the woman done wrong is a bad strategy to win women, as is supporting women like Monica Lewinsky who admitted she sought to be home wrecker or 'the other woman'.  Bill as the person who was older and who held the power as an employer should have never succumbed to her seduction, but she was very clear that she was the one who initiated seduction, not Bill; a (pardon the pun) seminal fact that gets lost in the mist of history.
If Donny the Pig Trump thinks he is going to be digging up dirt he should put down his shovel; the only thing he is digging is a deeper hole for himself and his campaign.
Trump should reconsider courting the religious right, while spending so much more time cultivating the seven deadly sins, especially lust, avarice and gluttony, topped with a heaping helping of hypocrisy on his bad head hair.
The following gargoyle images are from the wall of New College, Oxford, courtesy of; they represent gluttony, lust and greed.  I should probably add envy, since Trump clearly envies both accomplishments he doesn't have, and power he will never get.  And maybe one for boasting, since that is most of what Trump does, in lieu of speaking substance.  All of them in their own way resemble jowly, baggy-eyed, debauched looking, screaming Donald Trump, except for not being orange, and we never see Donald Trump reading a book (or writing his own, as Hillary has done).
JUST words? TRUMP'S ACTIONS, NOT TALK: Multiple victims accuse Trump of doing EXACTLY what he said he didJUST words? TRUMP'S ACTIONS, NOT TALK: Multiple victims accuse Trump of doing EXACTLY what he said he didGreed

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