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JUST OUT: In Search of Our Savior by Louisiana Catholic Author James Toups

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JUST OUT: In Search of Our Savior by Louisiana Catholic author James ToupsHope and Life Press announces the release of the Kindle ebook titled In Search of Our Savior by Louisiana entrepreneur and Catholic author James A. Toups. Written to familiarize readers with the incomparable greatness of the intimacy of God with man and the spiritual practices of contemplation and meditation, the ebook contains three deep personal reflections that are ideal for Lent, with wisdom for everyone. It also features the 365-year-old Miraculous Crucifix that can be found at the Franciscan church of Saint Mary of Jesus in Valletta, the capital city of the small Mediterranean island of Malta. In Search of Our Savior is available in Kindle and other ebook formats for just 0.99c from Amazon worldwide and directly from the publishers.

About the Author

JUST OUT: In Search of Our Savior by Louisiana Catholic author James Toups
Business thought leader James A. Toups is a husband, father of six, and a grandfather formed by the rich, Christian cultural experience of the Deep South of the United States of America (US). As a Catholic, he has been active in evangelization with the parish of his church, and served on various parish and school boards. Toups works to answer God's call for his life through his vocation as a husband and father, while weaving his faith into the deeds of his consulting business. Toups is the author of another two books on the applied aspects of the Catholic faith, namely The Storm: A Time of Mercy, Choices and Hope and The Cajun Storm: God's Servant First, both of them similarly released by Hope and Life Press.

Educated in Catholic schools and a small, public college in Louisiana, Toups spends much of his time with his large family, motivational public speaking and helping his clients grow, while building up the communities they serve. A former vice-president of a major national bank, he has also developed a belief in the economic theory of distributism. Toups finds joy and hope in being called to serve Christ in the simplest ways and has a great love for Him and the Blessed Mother, Lectio Divina, adoration, and praying the rosary. He also enjoys reading the wisdom found in the writings of the great saints of the universal Church. Toups believes that the future of humankind, no matter what it holds and despite the present storm, has the great gift of hope in the salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ.

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