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Just Like You by Lecrae Shows How Important and Powerful Male Role Models Are

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
I’m really lovin’ this song, Just Like You by Lecrae.  It so powerfully shows how important it is for young people, especially young boys, to have a good male role model in their lives, and the power of outside influence has on our growth into men.  But most importantly…

…the song shows that every male role model falls short of the model of Jesus Christ, and for us to be able to lead, we need Him to lead us.  The last few verses of the song said that beautifully (if the words go a bit fast for you, here’s another video of the song, with the lyrics flashing on the screen).
I’ve been a hip hop fan since my teen days, that is until I gave my life to Christ and, thanks to His transforming power, the decedent messages of these rap songs started to turn me off. 
But Christian Hip Hop?  More please!  These guys are the role models I want my kids to look up to and emulate (they already listen to a lot of this stuff, thanks to yours truly).
Just Like You by Lecrae shows how important and powerful male role models are
Just Like You is one of the lead singles of his most acclaimed album, Rehab (you can buy the album or download the mp3).  Another favorite from that album is High, which is also my kids’ favorite song of his and they share it to everyone. 
My absolute favorite song of Lecrae, though, is from his earlier album, After the Music Stops.  It’s called Prayin’ For You and you can see the fantastic video here.  It’s a marvelous song that reminds me so much of me.  That song is so, so, sooooo me!  It could very well be you, too…and if you’re wondering what I’m talking about I strongly urge you to hear the song for yourself. 
Without a doubt, I’d rather listen to—and have my kids listen to—this positive  and uplifting genre instead of the secular versions that talks about girls’ body parts, getting drugged up, materialism, and all around hedonism (“money, ho’s and clothes, all a nigga knows!”--The Notorious B.I.G.)
If you’d like to listen to more songs like these, and you live in Cagayan de Oro, you can tune in to The New J 103.3 FM, especially on Saturday nights.  They play Christian hip hop a lot…with Lecrae often on the menu.

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