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Jupiter Retrograde Conjunct Aldebaran – Bestowing the Riches of the Earth but Also Stirring up Religious Tensions.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Jupiter Aldebaran

This aspect is now effective between now and 20th December 2012

This is the second time that Jupiter has approached 10 Gemini (actually 9:59 Gem) in the past few months and this time it does so in retrograde motion. The first time this connection with Aldebaran, one of the Royal Persian stars and the “Watcher of the East” was made was on 29th July at the height of the Olympic Games. This aspect does bestow riches, honour and much success to those whose intentions are true and worthy, however if you try to take an advantage through devious actions, then great ruin and shame can come upon you.

This time Jupiter not only conjuncts with Aldebaran, but it also makes a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith on this star. This I see as a bad omen and it sets a marker down for the future. Black Moon Lilith can show evil intent behind the façade of the smiling face, she seduces you in and once she has had her wicked ways, Lilith spits you out leaving you in pieces. My advice is to be careful of your actions now, even if you are sorely tempted to deceive in order to gain. If you are true and honest to your endeavours, then you will inherit the riches of the earth. If not, then woes betide you.

Aldebaran now sits in Gemini and opposes Antares, the heart of the Scorpion that sits in faith based Sagittarius. It is interesting to note that these two stars switched signs from Taurus and Scorpio into Gemini and Sagittarius in the 1270 & 1280’s, at the time of the crusades. We all know that religious tensions between Christian and Muslim believers have existed from those times, and still exist today. Religious tensions are part of the whole picture across this axis in the skies.

Now as I mentioned in the title of this post, Aldebaran brings the riches of the earth, and in Israel just as this aspect was forming after the last round of violence and the promotion of Palestine in statehood terms in the UN, Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a decree for a new round of settlements to be built on land in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. This effectively closes the door for any two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, as the division of the land would be virtually impossible after these houses are built.

This I see this conjunction and the actions of the Israelis as “taking advantage” of a situation for their own benefit and in the process trying to derail something the majority of the world are calling for by denying those riches in the future to the Palestinians. If the omens of history are correct, and Aldebaran promises disgrace if you try to force the issue in your favour when you should not do so, then Israel and Netanyahu may pay a heavy, heavy price somewhere along the tracks. Karma exists and the stars in the heavens never forget, or ever let you off the hook. We may find out more how all this will play out in this Middle Eastern saga in mid March 2013, as Jupiter connects for a last time with the “Watcher of the East”.

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