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Julian Assange to Come Clean About 9-11 and Israel?

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Julian Assange to come clean about 9-11 and Israel?We are all aware that Julian Assange has been the mastermind behind the release of the 9-11 pager messages, the shocking Collateral Murder video, the Afghan and Iraq war diaries and CABLEGATE. And still Assange has tried to distance himself from the 9-11 (conspiracy) question and the Israel/USA collusion question, to the point where he even edited such information from the CableGate memoes before bringing it to the public via Der Spiegel, The Guardian and the New York Times.
Well, that might all be about to change.
If internet rumour is to be believed, a delegation of Assange's old WIKILEAKS colleagues will today interview him about these two so-far-sidestepped or so-far-redacted issues, 9-11 and Israel.
Assange has always claimed that he was unhappy about the way the New York Times skirted over the Task Force 373 story, an undisclosed U.S. Special Forces assassination squad working its way down a list of some 2,000 people to assassinate or imprison them. Der Spiegel made it their cover story.
Assange has constructive views about GOVERNMENT SECRECY, "The government doesn't have a right to secrets. Governments give rights to the people. The government through police enforces rights for people. In a good system, courts are the mediators in that. Now, the government -- parts of the government -- can argue a case that in particular circumstances, they need to keep things secret. And I would agree with that, that there are many cases, operational cases, say, during the police investigation into a murder when information needs to be kept secret," but then you've got to be careful how you define 'police investigation', especially as it refers to a so-called Corporate War Game and eventually Global Governance.
So, there's the rub - will Julian Assange come clean TODAY about his self-regulated opinions and his (one imagines) wealth of self-redacted evidence about the 9-11 event (and the 7-7 event?) and the role of Israel in the workings of the USA (and UK?) Empire?
Because of the mischief of the NEED TO KNOW game, this entire post could be its own false flag. Time will tell.

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