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Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd – Could Political War Seriously Undermine Both of Them?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Australian politics is seeing an almighty punch up right now as Kevin Rudd, the Australian foreign minister resigned his position to openly challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She in turn did not hang around and promptly called a leadership election of the Aussie Labor party with winner takes all as the prize.  There is serious bad blood between the two, as Gillard staged a coup in 2010 to oust Rudd from the Prime Minister’s job. In a swipe at the former Foreign Secretary she said  he was  “running a dysfunctional and chaotic government when he was Prime Minister”. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?


The composite chart shows composite Sun Mercury Venus and Mars all together, so on the face of it they should be able to communicate and even get on well BUT there are three problems on this composite chart. Firstly the Moon squares Mars and Venus so we have emotional conflicts here which can flare up anger and irritability between them. The Moon’s quindecile to Saturn shows no real emotional warmth, they will be ultra critical of each other’s faults and this can turn cold, nasty and spiteful. Finally, even though Saturn trines to Pluto showing joint desire of ambition and power, Saturn squares the Sun/Venus/ Mercury  and crucially the composite Nodal axis showing that personal ambition will get in the way of all their aims and desires. So it is coming to pass.

KevinRuddJuliaGillard transits

On the transit chart, rebellious Uranus is now conjunct the composite South Node and thus opposite to the stellium of Sun, North Node, Mercury Venus & Mars and of course square to Saturn lighting up this whole dynamic i mentioned and causing the almighty fight between them. Transiting Saturn sextiles the composite Saturn so this explains the opportunism of Mr Rudd to fight for power. We also have a virtual Yod being formed with Jupiter and Neptune still in sextile to each other in the sky right now, and those two planets inconjunct to the composite Sun and North Node; this moment in time is going to be a turning point for both of them. Transiting Pluto also joins in the party making a square to the 4 planet stellium, a destructive and undermining influence. Pluto can and may destroy both of them in the whole messy process.

Whoever does win this ugly battle on Monday 27th Feb may be politically scarred and weakened for life, as they will still have to front a deeply divided Labor Party. The opposition Liberal party leader, Tony Abbot must be sitting back watching these two tearing themselves to pieces with a big smile on his face.

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